Midnight Musings

Can you tell I’m on vacation?  I can.  You know how?  It’s Sunday night, and 10 minutes to midnight and I’m still sitting at the computer with the TV chattering on beside me (3rd Rock from the Sun if you’re wondering).  I work Monday-Friday from about 5am until 11am, which means my day starts at 3:30am and my day ends anywhere from 8p-11p.   It’s so weird, I almost don’t know what to do with myself, and I guess that’s what happens when you haven’t had a vacation in 2 years.

I decided to take July 1st (Canada Day, eh) and won’t go back until the 9th.  I had a blast the first two days.  I took my best friend The Dutchess to visit my Uncle J and Lady Di a few hours from home.  What a blast it was, too.  Booze, food, fireworks, friends/family and a concert!  Caught Theory of a Deadman in an outdoor concert.  They’re fantastic performers and it’s been the first “new’ band show I’ve seen (I’ve seen plenty of “older” acts like Areosmith/Cheap Trick/April Wine/etc).

Brockville Show

Theory of a Deadman-July 2nd 2009

After we got back from B-Vegas, The Dutchess and I rearranged my apartment.  For fun.  If you’ve ever heard that radio “celebrities” are wild party animals who live life on the edge, I have news for you.  I’m pleased with the way the place looks and am hoping to finally get some pictures mounted on the wall.  I do so enjoy photography, it’s really a shame to let all those photos sit in my scrapbooking tote (yes, I scrapbook…).

Also, I want a dog.  Badly.  I went through this phase where I wanted pet rats, which are really cool.  Buuuut then I saw this at the Groomers:

Puppy Dog!

Puppy Dog!

The cellphone picture doesn’t do him justice.  This adorable little fellow, whom I’ve named Klaus, is a schnauzer.  A docked tail, one floppy ear and super excited to see me.  Normally, I’m completely against purse dogs but…he’s too big for a purse and just the right size for say an apartment.  Plus, he could come with me where ever I went.  Sadly, he’s $350 and then you add on all the stuff he needs (crate, leash, bowls, food…stitches after the cats rip his little nose off).  One day though, I’m going to have my own dog.

Oh…I thought of another question for God:

9.)  Why isn’t the plural form of “Smurf” “Smurves”?


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