“Whoa, hold on there Courtney Love…”

Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage

I just find that image hilarious this morning and had to share it!  Moving on…

I should be getting ready for work right now but as it turns out, we’re off the air both via terrestrial signal and online feed.  We had a pretty nasty storm last night, so who knows.  Might be a very easy Friday of puttin’ the ole feet on the desk and watching TV in the studio.  Don’t get me wrong, love my job, love the show…but if you had a chance to go into office and get paid to sit around and wait until your broken workstation came back online, wouldn’t you?  And if waiting entailed surfing the net and watching TV, wouldn’t you?  That’s what I thought!

A little update on the last few days:

-I went for my sleep test on Monday night in Ottawa.  They hook you up to a bunch of wires by gluing and taping them to your head, face, neck and scalp.  They then hook these wires into a little box and monitor your breathing, your brainwaves, heart-rate and whatever else from a remote-unknown location.  It wasn’t as hard to sleep as I thought it might be, but it wasn’t a restful sleep.  They awaken you at 5:30, remove MOST of the stuff from you.  The nurse offered the shower but then proceeded to tell me it was “gross” so I waited til I got to The Dutchess’ place.  I took the 85 back to where I left my car.  For one solitary moment, I was that freak on the bus with the stuff in her hair and the medical pads (you know those little round things with the metal nipple to attach a wire to?) still on her chest.

-It was Tuesday night that I discovered while grooming Meeko (sort of like a monkey) that he (and subsequently) Pickles had fleas.  By Wednesday afternoon my account was over $100 less but within 3 hours of using the Advantage, the fleas were falling off paralyzed.  Fantastic stuff.  I recommend it.

-Thursday was a real drag since I hadn’t napped Tuesday/Wednesday and stayed up late both nights.  I came home and essentially crashed (after lunching with Big R at Subway).  I did groceries and then spent about 5 hours cleaning the house and spraying flea stuff around.  Basically, it’ll kill any eggs and larva and it lasts for 5 months to get those adult fleas who can cocoon for up to 140 days.  I figure one more application of the spray, say in September, should really cover it.


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