Tonight I watched “The Haunting in Connecticut” which is based on a true story, taking place in Southington, Connecticut.  Carmen Snedeker is quoted as saying

“One of the demons was very thin, with very high cheekbones, long black hair and pitch black eyes. Another had white hair and eyes, wore a pinstriped tuxedo, and his feet were constantly in motion. Also one had a very big smile that on each side touched his eyes, and he was very short.”

The master bedroom of the house (the actual house) even had a trap door to raise/lower coffins.  Whether or not it was ever haunted has come under some scrutiny.  It still makes for a good story.

I’d actually seen a show about the Haunting a few years ago.  I’m really enjoy watching shows about haunting, and I’m not sure why.  I can’t help myself, really.  When I had cable I’d love to veg out either Saturday night or Sunday afternoon watching all the “spooky” shows on W.

Funny thing, when I watched the movie though.  I’m not afraid of a lot of things and I find “horror” movies to be a joke.  A gory joke.  It’s the movies that are either realistic, the stuff that you know can happen to you (“The Strangers“) or movies about a haunting (more so the ones that are based on a supposed real happening).  Sure, you can scoff if you like, but there’s something that resonates with me, deeply.  I can’t say what it is exactly, can’t pinpoint it but…I know that it’s real.  I don’t know that there are necessarily forces that could burn down the house or hurt us.  I do think that there are times when people don’t pass over.  I also believe in residual energy, not necessarily a ghost but something happened that was so impacting it left a groove in time.

Anyway, the movie terrified me.  Don’t take that as some sort of 2 thumbs up that it was cinematically fantastic, or that the acting was superior and Oscar worthy.  It just scared the daylights out of me.  One of the aspects that frightened me was the mutliation of the bodies…there was the carvings of runic words or somesuch into the body like a spell to trap the spirit.  Imagine death (which is no picnic) and you’re thinking of that sweet release (provided you believe in some kind of afterlife without suffering or pain…or…provided you’re not going to the hot place) and someone binds your spirit not just to this world but to a single place.  You’re tormented, used and filled with rage.  At a constant state of unrest…who knows how time passes in such a realm.

I watched it alone, my first mistake.  My second mistake was even watching a movie about evil spirits.  I think secretly people love to be scared, enjoy the adrenaline rush.   It’s silly, I know.  I’ve slept in this apartment for hundreds upon hundreds of nights and nothing ever happened…but…you always worry.

Plus, it doesn’t help that someone was almost murdered in my kitchen 4 years ago (I didn’t live here and it’s been renovated since).  One of the local cops told me that juicy little tidbit just before Christmas.  Nice, eh?


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  1. cloves
    Jul 17, 2010 @ 06:32:23

    movies that scare me…are ALWAYS about stuff that’s unexplainable.

    If i need to fall asleep…..when i had cable, i used to like to flip on A&E and listen to any show that had Bill Curtis as the narrator. Usually it ended up being City Confidential or American Justice. Both shows that have him talking about the most gruesome, bloody and very REAL violence you can imagine. Did it scare me? Nope! It was real. Plus Bill’s voice makes me sleep like a baby. *snore* Just thinking about his voice makes my brain feel good.

    but dude get this…
    a show about bigfoot or sasquatch encounters….i’ll sleep, but restlessly.
    a show about demons or entities of some sort… NIGHTMARES!!
    a show about alien abducton….screw sleep…i’m having mild anxiety attacks!!


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