Gretel VonGaynip, thine name is NERD!

Been working on my costume for The Dutchess’ big birthday bash in September.  It’s a D&D theme, and I’m going as a low level thief.  I’ve just finished the tool kit, which I’m very proud of.  So proud in fact I may redo it later, in real leather.  It turned out so great!  Even Dutchess was excited.  I’ll let you have a gander…

All Rolled Up

All Rolled Up



I took a strip of the leather looking stuff from the outside and used it to hold all the tools in.  This isn’t supposed to look like fine craftmanship because I’m not a high level thief.  Actually, if I’d had something nicer (if I’d used real leather) I’d have stolen the kit, probably from another thief.  That’s kind of a no-no.

Other costume stuff includes some fake jewels, gems, ripped pants (which are also dirty and stained with grass), an orange tunic style shirt and a great leather satchel.

I’m planning to learn to do makeup for a black eye, some scars and I’m going to let The Dutchess draw tattoos on me.  Very excited about this party!


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