Laziness Personified

First thing is first…

Thank You, Jesus

Thank You, Jesus

Drew Barrymore/Ellen Page photo from Marie Claire interview about their latest flick “Whip It.”  Photos like this prove there is a God, and He loves me today.

I haven’t updated in while so I thought I’d share a quick story.

Picture it, it’s Monday afternoon, about 3:30pm and yours truly is having a nap.  I’m not completely asleep anymore but dozing and sort of half watching The Golden Girls.  Suddenly, (okay so not SO suddenly) the phone rings.  I have no idea who it is because I just got a new phone and it has 4 “different” (but not distinct) ringtones.




The phone is ringing. I stare at the phone on my desk, not more than 6 feet away.


Still ringing.  Still time to pick it up. I make no move.

<Answering machine picks up>

<Listening to my terribly gay recording>

Okay.  Get up.  Still time to grab the phone. I continue to lie like vegetables.

<The Dutchess is leaving a message>

I did tell her to call me around  now. I close my eyes and listen to the message.

<She continues to talk>

Grab the phone…it’ll pick up.

<The message ends and the machine clicks off>

Call her back, you lazy sack. I fall back to sleep for the next 2 hours.

What a lazy Monday!


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