Hey there, Normie!

What a crazy weekend I had.  I missed D&D on Saturday because I had to work but the upside was I got paid extra.  Gotta say it was one of the coolest live-on-location things I’ve ever done.  We were at Upper Canada Village, which is an award winning heritage site with 60 acres, costumed interpreters and all sorts of fun activities.  I got to milk a cow!  (Pictures to come…Promo Girl is off today, so hopefully tomorrow).

After the remote, we headed back home and decided to kick it at Octoberfest for the last few hours it was running.  I was sort of humming and hawing about whether or not I wanted to be there but I’m glad I went.  Ran into Big R, Jules, The Beam and a whole bunch of other people.  The best part?  George Wendt.  Better know to most as Norm from Cheers.

George Wendt AKA Norm

George Wendt AKA Norm

Oh did I mention this event was being put on by a brewery?  Turns out George loves beer as much as the character he played on TV for all those seasons!  I also have a little green German hat (I wonder what they’re called) with his autograph on it.

Speaking of that hat…someone asked me to autograph their felt hat.

The Hat

The Hat

The kid likes Miley Cyrus so I wrote “To Tessa, keep making that climb”.  And no, Gretel VonGaynip isn’t my actual name as you can see by the hat.  ;)


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