Wherefor Art Thou, Lazy Blogger?

I’m so bad at this blogging thing.  I thought, initially, it was some kind of acute laziness.  If you’ve read my post “Laziness Personified” then you know why I’d think that.  It turns out, it might not be completely my fault.  I’ll cop to some slacking on my part but get this…

I had my sleep study reviewed and met with the sleep specialist last Tuesday.  I don’t have apnea, that much I knew from Steph snooping through my file at Dr.Quack’s office.  It still didn’t explain the amazing amount of sleep this lil’ lesbian needed and still felt the need to continue to sleep.  It’s a frustrating thing to be so tired it makes you feel aged.  The problem?

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (Click the linky for details)

It really sucks because I’d had a feeling that my sleep schedule was more than just a “night owl” thing and that it was something more.  Thankfully, the insomnia that some folks feel with this condition doesn’t hit me.  But I think that’s because I’m up so early and working through the part of my original phase that I should be sleeping.  Plus, the specialist says the most restful period of sleep is from 3a to 7a for anyone.  If you’re not getting it, you’re not feeling as restful as you can.

Compounding my DSPS is Restless Leg (which I knew I had) and  Somniloquy (Again, I’ve had this for years and years.  It’s just scientific proof I don’t have an off switch).

Solution?  Pills.  Dammit.  Why is that the solution to everything.  The Dutchess says my doctor attended “upstairs medical college” for suggesting:

  1. Pills for narcoleptic people
  2. Get a new job/shift
  3. Do nothing but know why I’m sick

She was pretty mad and I had to practically restrain her from marching back into the doctor’s exam room to tell him where to go and how to get there.

What I’m going to try is pushing off my nap to later in the day and sleeping less.  So far that’s helping a bit.  Also, Lori’s daughter works for a homeopathic remedy company.  They make some sleep aid meds, which I might try to deal with the somniloquy (sleep talking).  I’m sleeping, but not restfully, so some nights it’s almost like I didn’t even go to bed.  This happens most when I’m stressed about something.  The morning after my appointment with the specialist was like that.  Apparently, I cried out “Please don’t make me take the pills.”

In other news, I had a rather amusing chat with The Baroness (who’s actually a Baroness…sorta.  She’s the Baroness of an imaginary kingdom.  Kind of like I’m CEO of Fantasyland) about why I’m so attractive to cougars.  I still don’t have the answer as to what the initial attraction is but she says

You are friendly, and just dirty enough to feel not guilty about pursuing you, and submissive enough to make it fun if you are caught. Old enough ot be legal. Young enough to have energy.

I can’t deny that at all.  I can’t fix it either…not at least without removing my personality from my person.  That just sounds painful.  Plus, I think I’m pretty awesome all around.  Maybe not so much the round part of my person, but it could be much worse.  I’m not a total marshmallow.

I am such a procrastinator.  I haven’t finished my zombie costume for Toronto’s Zombie Walk (YAY!) but I did do makeup practice on Lori’s 10 year old yesterday.  I love that kid, she’s so funny.  Apparently, I’m “too smart” to date a butch lesbian.  Out of the mouth of babes, I tell you.  Make up looked awesome, plus I learned a lot about how liquid latex doesn’t want to come off.

On the agenda for the next little bit:

  • Finish em0 zombie costume for TO Zombie Walk ’09
  • Write 2 pages for my book
  • Work (Friday AM)
  • NARL Treatment (Makes me less round) (Friday)
  • Nap (Today & Friday)
  • Zombie Walk (Saturday)
  • Not go to work (Monday)

I suppose I should get back to work.  I can’t wait to go home and sleep.  My body still hurts from the NARL treatment yesterday.

Mmm Brains

Mmm Brains


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