I Doth Be A Nerd

Garb for Feast

Garb for Feast

So, I think I’ve decided to switch backgrounds for my SCA persona.  I was sort of at war with the German/Scottish-Gaelic backgrounds but the German name I’d picked out…no one can freakin’ say it.  Frustrating to have to repeat yourself, and I don’t feel right correcting The Royals.  Just easier this way.   Not to mention, it’s a nice tribute to the woman who was a huge part of my life growing up.

Yes, I’m aware the garb isn’t Scot-Gael but it’s still period garb.  Considering, the stuff I do have, that is period, is more for a male persona, I think this is still a step in the right direction.  I’ll have to bug Chris to make me some of my own garb if I decide to join.

I’ll probably end up with a male persona, maybe a German one.  That way when I don’t feel like walking around in a dress (99.99999% of the time) I can wear pants and a tunic.

In other nerdly news:

Zombie Emo Gaynip & Zombie Daddy

Zombie Emo Gaynip & Zombie Daddy

I got separated from DC, Dutchess & Maverick when I went in search for Songe (whom I didn’t find til the walk was over) and ended up finding The Creator with Zombie Baby Eggburt (yes, Eggburt).  So, we lurched along together and of course he was the star of the show with that nasty little baby.  After he was interviewed some of the photogs asked us to pose together.

Side note:  I’m so fat…Jesus…looks like an accordion belly.  <Finger waggle @ self>  No more snacks for me!  …Starting next month.  No point making that commitment BEFORE Halloween.

Played D&D all day Sunday (except for the brief nap) and it was awesome.  The Dutchess and myself play better versions of ourselves.  Sadly, I’m still fat in this world.  BUT…if someone calls me fat, I can hurl a table or cart at them.

Best game quote:

Maverick:  There is a small gold plated statue of a mule on the mantle.

Me:  I take it and put it in my sack.

Dutchess:  I wonder if it’s magical and we could command it to change into a real mule.

Me:  NOT while it’s in my sack!

Dutchess:  HEEHAW <makes cloth ripping sound effect>

Me:  <Laughs til I cry, for about 5 minutes>

Maverick:  I shouldn’t have given you that sugar.

More gaming tonight before I go home and get ready for a short work week!


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