Case of the MOAN-Days on Tuesday…

I am so screwed this morning…not at maximum screw-age but…it’s not good.  I had 3 days off in a row this weekend, and slipped into my body’s natural circadian sleep rhythm for two of those nights.  I didn’t do it on purpose, but Maverick was too tired to do the entire drive back from TO and Dutchess can’t drive between midnight and five AM.  So, I took the wheel (after I slept the first leg of the trip).  We got back around 3am and crawled promptly into our respective beds.

Sunday I didn’t need a nap but Dutchess did (she was up early that morning) so I was good to go for hours and hours.  The two of us ended up not going to bed until 2am.  Suffice it to say, when it was time for bed last night…didn’t get there til about 12:30AM (so technically Tuesday morning) and up again at 4am.

I will say though, I’m impressed with myself…Saturday we were up at 8am to get to the CAFTCAD Movie Wardrobe sale and then the Zombie Walk followed by a long supper at the Mandarin.  We didn’t wrap the day til 10:45pm and I didn’t need a nap or feel really sluggish.  I think it was the excitement of zombies and hot girls.  Sunday…short nap, but not required.  And yesterday I didn’t nap at all or feel the need to.

As soon as I got to work, some sort of stomach bug that was lying dormant decided to leap into life.  That’s made the show somewhat interesting.  Smelly Man was pissy with me this morning.  When we do news/traffic/weather there is a possibility a client has sponsored it, and I’ll have to read a “tag” (short 10 second commercial voiced by announcer live) and he stole a bunch.

Plan for the day is to make a crock pot of spaghetti and grab a nap.  Then I’ve got to pick up a few groceries.  We’ll see what transpires for the rest of the day.  I should pound out at least a half page of writing for my Friday deadline.

I’m giving serious thought to enlisting in the military.  I’ve been in radio 5-6 years and I make roughly half or less than half (if spec trade) than the same amount of time in with the Army.  There are a couple of trades I’m considering.

Downside?  Saying goodbye to Pickles and Meeko.  I love them both so much, and I’ve had them as long as  I’ve been on my own.  I could find someone to care for them for at least a year or just give them to good homes.  I’d like to see them go together but…what are the odds?  Tough call.  They’re my fur-babies.


Pickles n' Meeko

In more nerdly news, this:

Lesbian Nerd Wedding

Thanks to Michelle for bringing that one to my attention.


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