Thank Gay It’s Friday

I’m sticking around this weekend and since Office Mom is sick, I will probably go over and do Er’s zombie makeup.  We tested it out a while back and then we took some pictures…here’s a fun one:


Nom Nom Nom...

Reminds me of 2 things from the zombie walk:

Me:  “Is it rude to pick your zombie scab in public?”

Songe:  “I have never been more attracted to you than I am right now.”


Dutchess:  “DAMMIT SJ!  You left your skin in the shower.”

In my defense of that last one, I couldn’t angle the shower head to wash it out, or find something to use to wash it away.  I was going to, but Dutchess jumped in the shower before I could throw some clothes on and ask.  Oh well.

So I’m not going to carve pumpkins with Dutchess…I even gave her my mighty big pumpkin.  I asked her to save the seeds for me.  I really like baking them with a bit of salt for a snack.  Yum!

I’m so disappointed, on an unrelated note, that a Bulk Barn won’t be opening here after all.  Not sure what happened, as they had the sign up, the store was all painted bright yellow.  Then…nothing.  Now it’s some kind of Giant Discount Store.  Nothing good in there, though.  The Arden’s better open, though!

I spent a good deal of time yesterday working on my mock commercials about myself.  Dutchess is super excited about them and wants to voice one.  I’ll let her do the more offensive commercial and get Charlie to do the other one.  Charlie has a really crisp voice and I think she could capture the essence of what I’m doing.

Oh oh oh…best thing I heard all day yesterday?  Suicide Girl had a steamy dream about me the other night.  Words cannot describe how awesome that is.  First off, Suicide Girl is…a Suicide Girl.  Those girls are damn hot.  SG is actually out of my league hot and yet…she flirts with me.  A few people are flirting with me lately, I’d like that to actually go somewhere.  All talk, no action.  Let’s see some action, ladies!

I did a 7k walk yesterday.  I figure, the days I’m not doing my NARL workout, I should probably be doing something else.  All in all, I did 9k worth of walking yesterday.  Not too shabby for such a lazy sack like myself.
Things to do today:

  • Blog
  • Work
  • NARL Workout
  • Write 2 pages
  • Go for a walk (this is dependent on how sore I am from the NARL)
  • Finish the Mock Commercials
  • Watch scary movie(s)
  • Vacuum (ugh)
  • Try the sleep meds Office Mom got me

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