Ride With the Moon in the Dead of Night


Okay before I get into the “Oh my Gay, I got high on natural sleep aid products” post:

I did a spot for work, I think it might be one of the best voice over’s I’ve done so far (Dutchess agrees):


And Nordique says it’s a good soft sell, and I don’t sound like I’m pushing for people to buy anything.  I’ve come a long way!

Everyone is always touting the health benefits of all natural products.  Whether it be foods, medicines, clothes, beauty products, etc.  I’ve always been weary of the “natural” way of doing things, I’m not exactly sure why.  My Mom had that Doctors Book of Home Remedies.  When I’d see this:

home remedies

Oh no!

I’d hide.  I would literally hide somewhere in the house and pretend whatever rash, cough, sniffle, fever, whatever, was gone.  “I lied.  I’m not sick at all!”.  I think, deep down, it’s because once when Sister was a baby, she had a diaper rash and Mom had read that putting a teabag on it would heal the rash.  My Dad came home (military) and saw that this teabag had literally eaten into the skin of Sister’s butt.  She still has the scar on her ass from it and it still makes me laugh.  (Gosh, I’m a great sister)

That book was more like a punishment than any sort of help.  I remember crying once, “What did I do to deserve this.” which was followed by a cuff to the back of the head.  My mother and her gentle, German touch.

Okay…so my point, and I do have one…

Last night I finally got around to taking these:


All Natural Sleep Aid

The instructions say to take 3 pills a half hour before bed.  1 pill at 30 minutes, 2nd pill at 15 minutes and the 3rd right before you go to sleep.  Dissolves under the tongue…and viola.  Except they’re kinda icky in a tasteless kind of way.  I took all 3 and my head felt heavy and there was pressure on my temples.  I wanted to sleep but it didn’t come right away.  I drifted off for a half hour, woke up for a few minutes and then didn’t wake again  until 4:30ish in the morning.  I got up to pee…that was a chore.  Really dizzy and light headed, out of sorts.  I went back to bed til I woke up around 9 and felt a bit better.  Still dizzy but not as bad.  I made something to eat, checked my e-mail and then decided another bit of sleep was in order.  I woke up at 1pm.

Eternity wasn’t around, and the only other tree hugger I know is The Baroness.  I don’t think it’s a lack of caffeine, simply because I don’t always drink caffeine on the weekends.  Hell, I haven’t had coffee in the house in ages.  Mind you, I’m fresh out of Pepsi Max.  But I finished off the Diet Pepsi in the fridge just to be safe.  Still on the phone with telecare.

Oh…it’s ringing.

And that wasn’t effing helpful at all!!  AT ALL!  Gah I hate this infernal province that claims to be far more advanced and civilized than the Maritime provinces combined.   I have news for Ontario, it’s not.  Granted, there are more jobs here, they aren’t necessarily better ones.  True, I have more to do here, but that’s more a statement about my home town than it is about the Maritime’s.

The other scary thought is I could be getting sick.  I’m not willing to get sick.  Don’t laugh.  Mind over matter.

Dutchess says the first time she had completely organic food, she was high as a kite.  Same idea maybe?  I’ll have to check it out with Eternity.


  • Sleep 12 hours (Okay so I wanted 8, got 12..sue me)
  • Make cornbread muffins
  • Pick up groceries/emergency sick food
  • Do Er’s zombie makeup
  • Watch The Halloween Tree & The Shining (Seriously, why am I the only one who remembers HT?)
  • Eat Pizza
  • Read some Edgar Allan Poe
  • Have Ben and Jerry’s for the first time ever
  • Try the Neurexan but 1 pill instead of 3

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