First and foremost: Don’t forget about the clocks going back an hour last night!

Today’s amusing photo:

Pukey Pumpkin


I gave Dutchess my trunk load of pumpkins last weekend and since I didn’t come up to carve mine, I asked if she’d do it for me.  So, she dedicated the pumpkin to me.  I gag easily and at pretty much everything.  Apparently, this face the jack-o-lantern is making is similar to the one I make.

It’s been brought to my attention that I make many amusing sound effects and noises.  Office Mom says Handsome Rob and Ers keep going “nom nom nom” when something yummy is being eaten.  Now, I don’t actually make that noise when I eat, but just to indicate generally that something is being eaten or will be eaten.  I also do a good imitation “nom nom nom” of Homer’s

“Okay pie…I’m going to do this (nom nom nom) and if you get eaten, it’s your own fault.”

Plus “Meh” because I was reading Ers some German “fairy tales” about this girl who plays with matches and doesn’t listen to her talking cats.  I tend to add editorial comments as I read, I find it makes the stories fun for me and the kids.  Then there’s the “Eeeeeeh” noises which, you can’t really appreciate here but depending on how it’s uttered it can mean different things.   Or the Beastly laugh (you know that hairy little critter from The Care Bears?  No? …Moving on).  The latest one is the finger waggle followed by “mmmm-uhhhh-mmmm” sort of sound.  Again, it’s somewhat lost in text format.  I should record “The Sounds of Gaynip”.

* * * * *

In SCA stuff…

I found a great site for nice garb that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  If my parents send me money this year, like they did last year I think I’m going to order a starter SCA kit and then a monk’s robe.

I’m pretty sure, 90% of the time, I’m going to have a male persona.  I better start thinking about it before I’ve changed mine 100 times.

Congrats to Kirsten or Princess Dagmar as she shall henceforth be known.  She is the Queen of Love and Beauty.  I know she was going for Right of Arms but…hell, nothing to snub your nose at.  Especially, when some of us doesn’t even have a bunny tail or get to be called “Lady” (or in my case, “Lord”) without an uppercase L.

* * * * *

Today, is the final day of Samhain.  No bonfires, no cleansing rituals last night.  Oh, well that’s actually a lie.  I’m cleansing my oracle cards in moonlight and have been doing so for about a fortnight or so.  I’ll finally be able to read up on how to use them!

I’ve become a bit weary about touching things lately.  A few weeks ago, Dutchess and I were in the mall and they had one of those little wagon vendors with different oddities.  I was looking at some of the carved black stone boxes and went to remove the lid from one of them with pentacle (pentagram enclosed in a circle).  My intention was to see how deep the box was, because some of the wood carved boxes weren’t as deep as they looked.  I can’t explain the sensation, exactly, but it was a negative reaction.  Like the feeling of electricity shooting up my arm but settled in my heart and mind with a negative feeling.

I hate when that happens, and it happens far to frequently for my liking.  I can’t even say it was a preconceived notion about the box because I know that pentagrams and pentacles aren’t evil (most people are thinking of the Sigil of Baphomet ).  I’m just more… susceptible to these things.  It runs in the family.  I’ll have thoughts (I hesitates to call them premonitions) about things, know things before they happen or anyone says anything.  I consider it a stronger intuition than most people tap into.  It’s funny because I can be rather oblivious to what’s going on in my own life, but I can read others and their intentions rather well, even if I don’t know them.  My tarot readings have always been pretty bang on.  Mind you, these are just pieces of card stock, and I always tell anyone I do cards for that their fate is not set by a deck of cards.

* * * * *

Also, I took a Neurexan last night.  Felt okay.  Still didn’t zonk out, but I didn’t wake up loopy either.  Maybe next time I’ll try two of them.


  • Rest the clocks
  • Groceries
  • Watch movies (Office Mom gave me a bunch)
  • Scrapbook
  • Go for a walk
  • Be silly with Dutchess
  • Replace cat litter (my most hated of all jobs)

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  1. cortejo
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 22:10:00

    I am sure the Baroness will give you tail one day.

    *innocent look*

    You just need to stick around for a little while.


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