Why I Hate Hockey and Love Hallmark

Here’s what’s pissing me off in the news today:

<Deep intake of breath>

The Calgary Flames skip the H1N1 vaccination queue, ahead of babies and pregnant women.  A team of perfectly healthy men, their families, executives and the team owner all got shots ahead of the at risk groups.  Now, Alberta has stopped giving the vaccines due to a shortage.  The players are saying they didn’t know they shouldn’t have got the shot, that they thought they were following NHL protocol by getting it.

Bullshit.  Everyone knows who the at risk groups are.  These guys get paid millions of dollars to play sports, while people in this country are going hungry or working 2-3 jobs to feed their families.  I know of several moms who aren’t able to get their shot, and their baby is too little to have it, and they’re afraid.  There are health care workers who aren’t employed by the government who can’t get one either.  But a hockey team can get their shots.  Money nor status should have no bearing on getting your needle.  Back of the line, assholes.  Children, pregnant women and the sick need it more.

“Some pregnant women and young children now face a greater risk of very serious disease or even death because millionaire hockey players got a vaccine they did not urgently need”  Brian (Wide Mouth) Mason

I have long thought that there was something amiss with priorities in this world.  I can’t understand why we elevate sports stars, actors and singers to the highest of pedestals.  There are so many people doing wonderful things in this world that deserve accolades and never get them.

Here’s what’s making me smile in the news today:

Hallmark is rolling out a new line of Canadian Hero’s Cards for members of the Armed Forces in a bid to encourage folks to write to soldiers stationed overseas.  The cards are going to be free from November 9th til the 11th at Hallmark Gold Crown stores across Canada.


The web-site includes a list of addresses, depending on where the card is sent. For example, if writing to Afghanistan, the address should be:

Any Canadian Forces Member

Op Athena

PO Box 5058 Stn Forces

Belleville, ON K8N 5W6

There are also addresses for Sarajevo, Congo, Golan Heights, Haiti and more.

And finally, what’s making me laugh in the news:

An older lioness at New Brunswick’s Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton is getting shipped back to a zoo in Seagrave, Ontario after her frustration over the lack of jungle love caused her to attack her intended partner. Zoo officials say Kito’s longtime mate died in February, but a male lion cub they brought in simply didn’t know what to do when Kito went into heat. So he did nothing. Kito has reacted by attacking him, which has left him with wounds to his back, tail and leg.

Ahahahaha she thinks she’s people!


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