This Old Heart of Mine

All kinds of awesome:


Best Sock Puppet EVER!

Office Mom made me this sock puppet before Halloween and I never uploaded a photo to share.  His name is Clavicle Q. Skellington Esq. the 3rd or simply, Monsieur Clavicle.  I think he requires a top hat.  Just a feeling I get.

* * * * *

I learned something interesting yesterday, as I continue with my quest for Completely Useless Knowledge.  I’ve never actually read Alice in Wonderland.  I’ve read some Lewis Carroll stuff and it makes my brain hurt it’s so…bizarre.  This is amusing though…the Cheshire Cat (which is a nickname of mine – I grin just like him) is owned by the Duchess.  That’s the nickname of my best friend.  Completely unplanned on our parts.  Honest!  Not that she owns me, or anything.

* * * * *

Having a fun chat with Qlike this morning about family and how we respectively have odd ones.  I pointed out that maybe, just maybe, we’re the weird ones.  I mean, my Step Mom has said on more than one occasion that I get weirder and weirder everyday.  A fair assessment, I guess.  They probably just seem strange to us because we have very little in common.  I have no idea where I get my warped sense of humour.  We have figured out that my lack of filter may have been passed down on my Dad’s side.

* * * * *

Radio Boy is gushing about his closeted gay lovair this morning.  It’s kinda cute.  His “boyfriend” (and I use that term rather loosely) is scruffy.  When I said that, the reply I got was, “Is that code for ‘sexy as fuck’?”.  What is a girl to say to that?  I’ve also had my suspicions confirmed that Radio Boy is in love with his secret lovair.  It warms the cockles of my old heart.

* * * * *

My To Do List is obscene for the next 4 days.   At least some of the contents “to do” this weekend involve drinking.

  • Work
  • Blog
  • Nap
  • Random Dishes from this AM
  • Pick up Dutchess
  • Pick up supper stuff
  • Start Quote Wall
  • Put up pictures/mirror
  • Watch a movie (?)

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