Spray Out The Gay

This makes me laugh…a lot.




* * * * *

We had so much fun last night, working on the quote wall.  We’ve decided that anyone who makes up up on the wall also has to have their picture beside the quote to make it all that much more fun and decorative.  There are so many classic quotes, it’s a good thing I have big bare walls to work with.

The two of us also came up with my next video concept for something called “Spray Out the Gay”.  We came up with it driving home and spent a good 5 minutes in my driveway killing ourselves laughing.  It might be one of our best jokes in a really long time.

“Now, watch as I spray this perfectly normal heterosexual.  Nothing happens.  Now, we’ll demonstrate on this unsuspecting lesbian.  Ma’am would you like to try this new fragrance?”

“Not really, I’m actua…”  <Gets sprayed>  “Ahhh it burns.  Oh it burns!”

“But what do you feel like doing?”

“…Watching…Grey’s Anatomy…”


“…With my girlfriend?”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it doesn’t hurt to be generous with the spritzing and it may take more than one application to spray out the gay!”  <sprays>

“Ohhh for the love of…what’s in that?”

“Mostly just holy water and Lysol.”

* * * * *

Party game:  I have to kiss 25 girls tonight with the help of my birthday friends and get those girls to sign my flashing birthday button.  If we fail, everyone who’s playing has to buy me a shot of their choice (gross, strong, whatever) and I absolutely have to drink it.  And as a condition to playing fair, if someone picks a real WUFFER of a girl for me to smooch, they automatically owe me 2 shots whether or not I get 25 girls.  Should be fun.  Normally, I’d chicken out but I’ll be plenty sloshed.

* * * * *

Lots of things to do…

  • Work
  • Blog
  • NARL
  • Nap
  • Pack
  • Check packing (always forget either toothbrush or jammies)
  • Burn a bunch of CD’s
  • Pick up supper & the girls

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