Hark the Herald SCADIAN sings

You know what’s really hard?  Writing a blog, while trying to do research on something at the same time.  I’m a pretty decent multitasker but I think I might be pushing it this morning.

I have a PDF file on Heraldry, so I’m making some notes before I try to create a device.  Call me a stickler, but I want to know what the colours mean (and in the cases of or and argent, what they mean when combined with the others).  I also need to pick a symbol to go with the colours.

My family crest is that of a helm with white/red with leaves of both colours.  On the German side of the family is yellow/blue and features a crowned lion carrying a water jug (?) topped with a helm and some leaves.  The Scottish side of things shows a red crest with 3 wolf heads and over the helm a fist topped with a crown.  I don’t know what any of this means, so I guess that means I need to keep reading.

A few interesting points about some of the colours:

  • Purple (purpure) was borne by English families and now considered extinct.  Lacy, Earl of Lincoln is supposed to have been the last whom this colour legitimately appertained in arms.
  • Brown/Crimson (Tenne/Sanguine) implies something dishonorable and is a mark of abatement or degradation
  • Green (Vert) seldom occurs in arms today because of mistakes made in copying ancient shields which had faded.  Presumed in some instances blue or black.

So far I’m looking at several creatures for the device that appear in German heraldry.  What’s interesting to note, other than griffins and unicorns, you don’t find mythical beasts (for the post part) in English arms.  Top of my list is a phoenix after I had that dream a few months ago (recap:  I had a tattoo of a phoenix on my back that kept growing until it engulfed me, finally I morphed into it altogether.).

I’d also like to use a celestial body like a crescent (or increscent/decrescent for that matter) moon.  Stars are fairly rare in heraldry, so I will probably forgo it.  The elements are usable as well, but I don’t like the representation of water (it looks like an Easter egg).

Need to remember to extensively Google German Heraldry in general.  Get an idea of colour themes, how the fields are divided up, etc.


My brain is leaping for joy at all this stimulation.  I have always been a vault of useless information…so you can well imagine what this is doing for me.  Pure elation.


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