Getting Monky

So I need some of my own garb and I might be getting it sooner rather than later!  Dutchess and I were talking online (she’s too sick to talk on the phone) and one thing lead to another…I got her to put in a bid for a crimson monk’s robe.  I hope I win.


Front View


Side View


Back View

Isn’t it beautiful?  Don’t you want to weep openly at it’s Majesty.  It’s right about now that Erin would be telling me I’m being “adorkable” but I don’t care!

Thank God for Gina.  She’s trading off altering this for me (as I figure it will need to be done, being a men’s large) because I’m dubbing her music cassettes to MP3 format.  Otherwise, I’d die by the sword in this piece of garb.  Not because I’m a fighter, but because I’d trip and fall on a pile of swords and die.  I’m kind of clumsy.


I told Dutchess that I’m going to be like Merlin from Disney’s Sword in the Stone.  Except instead of getting my beard in things (no beard here, phew) I’m going to get my robes caught in things.  Which then prompted me to comment, “Imagine Chris?  SJ you’re going to get crabs from dragging those robes around like that.”  (She once told Dutchess & I when we were kids you could get crabs sitting in the grass…).

Dutchess says, “Oh Medieval Chris.  You know girls, next year when you turn 11 and grow up, you’ll get married to an old man, have ten children, and die.”

I reply, “…If you don’t die of the plague first.”


Imagine if you will Gaynip and Dutchess, 10 years ago, riding in the car lamenting about bed times.  Finally, from the front Gaynip’s step mom (who never had her own kids) says “When you’re a grownup you won’t stay up as late as you want.  Do you know why?  Because after high school you have to go to college and work 2 jobs to pay for that and study all the time so you’re exhausted.  After college you’re going to get another job to pay off that loan and will be too tired from work to go to the bed at 3am.  THEN you’ll get married and have to deal with your husband and eventually kids.  Those kills will want things like toys and drives and to go to college.  So you’ll work and work and work to pay for that.  Finally, when they leave the house and you can retire you’ll be too old to stay up.”

Dutchess almost cried.  The funny thing is, almost none of that is true for either of us.  I did work 2 jobs in college, but I didn’t have a loan.  I didn’t get married (and probably never will) and I don’t plan on having kids (despite what Dutchess and Office Mom say).  I have a sleep disorder that actually PREFERS me to stay awake til 3am.  So…there goes that theory.  Oh parents.  They’re so cute.


On a side note, I know I’m getting sick.  I’ve been wearing my toque in the house for a few hours now.  I put it on so I wouldn’t leave it in the bedroom and never took it off.  Not to mention, Tuesday night I almost cried when I couldn’t get the can of apple juice open.  I’m such a suk.






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