Menschen Kinder Herr

I really don’t want kids, but if I could without a doubt I could have a child just like this one, I would have two of them:

10 Year Old Boy Won’t Pledge Allegiance Because Gays/Lesbians Don’t Have Liberty & Justice

He’s so smart, so well spoken and cute as a button.  But everyone agree’s if I ever have a child it’s going to be like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.  Too smart for his own good, big imagination and constantly in trouble.  Constantly.


Today before Dutchess went home, we went and did a bit of shopping.  Went back to the pet shop to play with the puppies again.  I really want one, but Pickles would eat it for lunch.  Also, I found a few items to give as favours for my SCA stuff.  Look how cute they are:


Wooden Critters

There’s a bear, a camel, pig and a cow.  The cow even has a wooden utter.  There were more, I wanted the sheep but the wooly bit was dirty and the others had plastic on ’em.  But these were great.  They have a little logo under them all, so I’m wondering if I can sand it off.  So cute.  :)




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