The Car…The Car…The Car is on Fire!

Meeko broke my Shot Glass of Awesomeness.  This makes me sad.  Dutchess went to see what he was getting into and he leaped off the counter and took the glass with him.  She made a valiant dive to save it, but alas it shattered on the floor.  There was a long silence before I cried out, “Was that my shot glass?”  Then, because that wasn’t enough, I cut myself cleaning it up.  Damn cats.  They’re the reason I can’t have nice things.

The pet grooming place where I buy the cats flea drops has dachshund puppies.  One that looks like your regular, everyday wiener dog and then one that looks like a blue tick coon hound.  I was holding one, Dutchess the other and before I know it I’m holding both.  Puppy kisses are the best.  Only $400.  I might see where I’m at after basic.  I’d really like to have a dog, and there are so many kinds I’d really enjoy having.  The pros of the smaller dogs is they take up little space, eat very little and aren’t generally a lot of work.  But they’re so tiny…what if you step on it?  Or some idiot sits on the dog?  I really want a blue tick coon hound now.

I had a nightmare last night.  All I can really remember is it involved a fire I couldn’t put out.  We were in Leh’s car, I was in the backseat.  I remember thinking “Let’s light my paystub on fire” and so I did.  Except it lit up like a roman candle and tried to throw it out the window.  It instead lit the “holy shit bar” on fire and the more I tried to put it out the worse it got.  No one else in the car seemed to be alarmed by the fire except to chuckle at me and dismiss the damage.  Dutchess told me this morning that I didn’t sleep well.  I’m feeling it.

Smelly Man is pissy with me this morning because his news isn’t long enough.  4 minutes top, 3 minutes at the bottom.  He’s been alright with the half hour casts but the top of the hour stuff is really short.  He’s looking for a way to blame me but that’s not going to fly.  “You said it was 6am.”  Except that I didn’t.  We were about 30-40 seconds past 6AM when we hit the news stinger.  I timed it out as best I could but we were 13 minutes over to start with.  Anyway, he did 2 minutes of news 40 seconds of sports and 10 seconds of weather.  Not enough and frankly more sports than I care for.


I picked up my outfit for the staff party yesterday and for a real steal.  I wish I could walk in heels, because the ones my sister gave me for Christmas last year would work well with it.  But I don’t want to break my neck.  So flats it shall be.



ACK!  I forgot I had an interview with the RCoH today.  I saved it though.  Could have been better, could have been worse.  I thought Mr.S told me it was on Monday.  I’m such a thickhead sometimes.  Got a free ham though.  Mmm ham.







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