Dr.Pepper and Captain Morgan…The Best of Friends

Here’s the thing about alcohol…it is both the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems. Let me paint a picture for you.

Gaynip and Dutchess decide they are going to do facials (hehehe) after several glasses of coconut rum and Dr.Pepper (diet, we’re watching our figures…and everyone knows alcoholic calories don’t count). So, the instructions say to wash your face before using the facial (seems kind of redundant…but what do we know?).

Gaynip: <Washing face with St.Ives while Dutchess fetches a towel> AAAAAHHHH

Dutchess: <Comes running>What? What??

Gaynip: AHHH I have a microbead in my eye!

Dutchess: <Laughing> We haven’t even started and you’re already hurt.

Gaynip: This scrub contains almonds. Surely nothing bad could happen.

…On a side note…my eyes look clean and fresh!

Please note Gaynip is deathly allergic to hazelnuts with some questionable side effects to almonds.


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