Eye Candy Friday – L Word Edition

It’s a special edition of Eye Candy Friday dedicated to “The L Word”.  For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it was a Showtime series about lesbians that ran for 6 seasons.  I absolutely loved it, except for one thing.  It didn’t exactly portray lesbians in a realistic light.  For one, they were all lipstick lesbians…even the butchy one (Shane) and the fattest person on the show was Kit (straight/secondary character).  Granted when they introduced Max, a trans FTM that evened it out a little.

Oh well…if they weren’t hot I couldn’t do a blog post about it…

Rachel Shelley

Helena started out as a really controlling rich bitch when she came onto the show (not an original cast member) but once her eccentric mama cuts her off she becomes relate- able and frankly more human.  Plus she had a sexy accent.  Mrow.

Best Quote:  “The desperate… what?”  (After a straight woman references “Desperate Housewives”)

Jennifer Beals

Main character (arguably) Bette Porter.  Self-involved, selfish, a control freak and perfectionist.  A bit of an elitist snob.  Sometimes I loved her for her sarcasm and the way she’d put things when she was pissed.  “F*ck you Jenny Schecter.  F*ck you.”  Oh sure, she cheated on Tina and you had to hate her for that but then Tina started dating a man and that seemed to even things out with the gay audience.  I know, I know.  Still.

Best Quote:  “This is Los Angeles. There are same-sex families on ever f*cking street corner! She was born in this f*cking hospital, and both of our names are on the f*cking birth certificate! So, why don’t you just give us a f*cking break you straight, bureaucratic maggot, and get our daughter to see a God damn doctor! Please?”

Laurel Holloman

Tina Kennard.  Bette’s significant other.  I have a love-hate relationship with this character.  I’m glad they ended up getting back together in the final season.  Tina went from being a weak willed woman who relied far too much on her SO into someone who could stand on her own to feet and be her own person instead identifying solely as someone’s spouse.

Best quote:  “‘…Bette…’Hey poor tard! How’s your two moms you big gay-mo?'”  (After Bette suggests a combination last name of Portard)

Leisha Hailey

Hated her at first.  Alice, (as Dana so aptly put it) was trying to have her cake and eat it to.  Oh that storyline where she dated that guy who was a lesbian.  Yeah, not a guy who joked he was a lesbian trapped in a man’s body like most straight guys say (so clever).  He was a man, who called himself Lisa and acted like a woman.  I don’t know when I started liking her so much…maybe it was because she was sleeping with Dana and it was kind of cute.

Best quote: “Oh no, I cannot take Cruella DeVille this morning. Do something… uh… pretend I’m upset.”

Erin Daniels

We already know I have a huge crush on Erin Daniels.  I loved her character Dana and was PISSED when she died.  I think most fans were, just because it was so easy to understand the character.  Her fear of coming out to her parents, the fear of being famous and out.  Oh my God, her first crush on the “soup chef” was so adorable and she’s so lame about the whole thing.  Reminds me of me, actually.  Except she’s much hotter.

Best quote, “Don’t look at me like that.  I don’t want to have sex with you and some woman.  I’d rather just have sex with the woman.  I’m that gay.”

Lauren Lee Smith

The Sou Chef, Lara Perkins.  Dana’s first girlfriend.  H-O-T.  I have had a crush on Lauren for AGES, I just think she’s perfectly lovely.  I loved her in “Pathology” where she went from being sweet and aggressive to being evil and murderous.  I still found her attractive, does that make me weird?  It probably does.  I got to see her in a Canadian flick, “Lie with Me” which is completely and unabashedly about sex.  You see her naked, a lot.  Kind of shattered the illusion for me, since she was so boney and whatnot.  I think several times throughout the movie I yelled “EAT A DAMN SAMMICH!” at the TV.

Best Quote:  “You could kiss it and make it better.”

Katherine Moennig

Oh Shane,  you heart breaker you.  I normally don’t like the manlier girls, and Shane is very guyish…but she’s The Fonz.  Women can’t resist Shane…straight or gay you are powerless against her charms.  You kinda had to hate her for dating Jenny in the final season though.  You want to just shake her or slap her silly…and then make out with her… ….ahem.

Best quote:  “Spaghetti girls.  Straight until wet.”

Elizabeth Berkley

Only appearing in 4 episodes is Kelly Wentworth.  She’s hot.  In that I’m-crazy-and-will-stab-you-if-you-call-me-Jessie-Spanno-love-you-forever-never-leave-me-I-will-stalk-you sort of way.  What?  That’s a type of hot.

She doesn’t get a quote…only 4 episodes, she never said anything memorable, just catty.

Mmm non-lesbian lesbians.  Oh, except for Leisha.  Mmm lesbian-lesbian.

Okay okay one more…not with the theme but Cortejo brought this to my attention and it was enough that even Smelly Guy had to come in for a closer look.

Hot Hot Hot!

She’s a Judo champ.  She’s a model.  She’s freakin’ hot.  We don’t know her name, but I would let her rough me up any day of the week.


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  1. kitsu
    Dec 02, 2009 @ 14:25:31

    i’ve always loved shane <3


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