Setting Goals

I’ve been considering this whole 101 in 1001 deal.  You create a list of 101 goals (nothing ambiguous about the wording with clearly measurable results) to be completed in 1001 days.  Not a new idea or something I’ve just been made aware of.

What would go on my list?  Would I make my list too easy?  How disappointed in myself would I be if I didn’t complete any of it.

Some of the ones I’ve come up with that would be tough for me include:

  • Go a week without quoting or referencing something.
  • Not say anything weird for 24 hours.
  • Be “off” for once.
  • Be less “salty” for a whole week (read: don’t swear like a sailor/Joan Rivers).


Last night I stayed in and watched a couple of movies, just took it easy since I’m working for a few hours today.  I watched “Gray Matters” with Heather Graham (and a cameo with Rachel Shelley from The L Word).  I don’t want to spoil the movie, but I think it’s the first time where there’s been a movie with a lesbian who actually stayed a lesbian.  Shocker.

Also watched the new “Star Trek” flick.  Oh my God, that movie was so great.  2 hours of pure, unadulterated AWESOME.  I think I have a crush on Spock (not Zachary Quinto)…weird.  I thought the whole movie was really well done, and I don’t know much about the original series but as far as I can tell, it stayed on track.  Nothing worse than having something you loved turned into a movie only to have half of it be completely inaccurate.

I fell asleep watching The L Word (season 1) and ended up having a dream about a Cougar I know.  It wasn’t exactly a sex dream but it wasn’t just a regular dream either.  I so rarely dream about people I actually know.  Good dream.


I surprised myself last night.  There was an opportunity to take the easy way out and I said “no” (something I have a hard time doing).  I feel really good about it.  I’m usually a selfless person in relationships (any type) but I think I’m going to try being a bit more selfish.  Not completely, that’s not me.



Work is almost done.  Almost.  Except the part where it’s not.  I’m in the studio til 4pm and then I have a parade at 6.  The good news is, because no one else is showing up besides Leh, I can throw candy canes from the truck window instead of walking and waving.  Last year it was a cold walk and someone was sick, possibly Leh.  I remember doing an emergency run for cough drops.  We still have to put lights on the truck.  In the dark.  That should be fun.





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