Thanks a Lot Kirstie Alley, Thanks a Lot.

Had to babysit yesterday.  I think that was more effective than if Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked the uterus right out of me.  Honestly, kids today.  I never acted like that, knowing their were serious repercussions if I had to be told more than once to “stop that”.  It also makes me think that aside from the very obvious reasons that I shouldn’t reproduce, I would be a very strict parent.  I find that interesting because I’m such a big kid at heart.  Go figure.

My hair is blue-black again and so is the bottom of the tub.  I guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight.  My life is so glam.  I think maybe tonight I’ll watch some Christmas specials on the computer and maybe dig out the Christmas decorations for tomorrow.  December 1st or the first weekend in December is my rule.  I’d put them up this weekend but I’ve got Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday with The Pack and the staff party in Toronto Sunday.  I’m looking forward to going and bringing D with me.  She is excited too and says she’s going to “out date” the guy from last year.  Not exactly hard to do.  I told her “You won’t fall asleep, check out other girls and while we still won’t have sex I won’t wake up disappointed Monday morning.”  Not to mention, I won’t start to question my sexuality on the drive home either.  Hahaha, oh memories.

I’m in the City today.  Nervous.  Excited.  I’m going to say something really lame.  The probability of this is about the same as the probability that Kirstie Alley is still fat.  …Let me just check her Twitter.  …Yep.  High probability I will say something lame.  Thanks a lot, Kirstie Alley.  The one time I need you to be thin, you’re probably already on your way to Denny’s for a breakfast burrito and a tall glass of syrup and fudge.


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