What a Gem

I completely forgot about this yesterday until Office Mom dropped a box into my hands, “Someone sent you this.”  I told her to leave the room because there’s this cougar that’s been stalking me at events and online for a while.  She once told me she was going to mail me something and that something was supposed to be her underwear.  I told Office Mom she better leave the room just in case it was something raunchy and completely inappropriate.  Curiosity was getting the better of this Cheshire Cat, I couldn’t just throw the box away, even under threat of dirty underpants.  ‘Sides that’s what bleach, Brillo pads and scalding hot water are for…boiling of cooties.

What was inside wasn’t panties but something very sweet…
and it also came with a note:
The Note

What a nice thing to send someone.  I have no idea who Louie is, I’m not sure we’ve ever met.  He did have his return address on the box, so I sent him one of our company Christmas cards as a thank you.  I wouldn’t wear the stuff, it is a little too old fashioned for me, but it was certainly another shining example of how kind people can be.

This being said…I really hope the guy doesn’t get the wrong idea.  First off, barking up the wrong tree.  Secondly, I’ve had a few stalkers before and they are exhausting, really.  I’m nothing special at all…I can’t figure out why anyone would feel the need to spend hours and hours following me, calling me, e-mailing me, bugging my friends…clearly, these people aren’t well if they think I’m worth the effort!  Ha.

So…I do hope it’s just a nice (old) man being nice and not some psychotic who fell in love with the girl on the radio.  Been there, done that, heard the last guy was behind bars.


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