Moan-Day Curse

What a weekend!

Saturday was D&D with The Pack, or most of them.  Abremalin wasn’t there for the game, but Ulrik worked his punishment nicely into the game by banishing him.  Emelote had to leave early so her character became NPC and terrible thing happened…she got attacked while we were all busy fighting off a pair of Chimera.  Her character is going to be blind for the next four weeks.  I feel bad because Emelote’s character is pack partners with my character Alithana.  I have figured out a way we can get her around if we decide to ditch the wagon we acquired to join this Dark Caravan in the first place.  Ulrik seems to think that we are in the midst of a Beholder.  If that’s the case we are EFFED because Maverick told Dutchess once if we ever run into one of those to “run away”.  Crap.

Yesterday was the staff party in The Big Smoke.  Open bar, buffet, music, prizes, awards and schmoozing with people from the other offices (including one of the East Coast…missed you Qlike)…it was a good time.  One of the bartenders was absolutely fantastic, when I asked for a Blue Lagoon he told me they didn’t have blue Curacao so he made us a Blue Plasma instead.  I’m not 100% what was in it beside SOHO Lychee and POM.  Probably some vodka.  YUM!  I had all the girls drinking ’em by the end of the night.

Why I <3 My Friends

From Left to Right: Leh, Office Mom (love the shocked face!), Ky, and Vee.  Leh was complaining that she forgot her jewelry in her rush to make the bus to the party.  Vee offered her a ring, and shenanigans ensued.

Rockin' the Tie Necklace

I think I was feeling really good by this point.  There was champagne, wine, mixed drinks and shots.  Then it was back to the hotel room for a rousing game of Kings.  I was 3 sheets to the wind.  We played Never Have I Ever but switched it to I Have…because we were running out of stuff we’d never done.  It’s a very telling game.

I get home after a long but great drive with Office Mom and Random (and Dutchess)…I’m taking a look a Miss Pickles and noticing she’s got some flea dirt of something on her tummy.  Not good.  I’m taking a closer look but not seeing fleas so I think we’re in the clear and it’s just dry skin (because she does have it).  Sadly, I found a flea.  Just one but it resulted in having to give her a very stressful flea bath….the good news is there weren’t any fleas in the tub.  The bad news is they are somewhere else so I’m washing, scrubbing, laundering everything.  I hate it.  It makes me feel dirty and nothing could be further from the truth.  The neighbours bring in this wee barn kitten without any sort of shot or pills and didn’t tell anyone she had fleas.  <Sigh>

Speaking of the cats, I’m wondering what to do with them.  I’m going to be gone for 14 weeks in the summer and then at least another 10 for training afterwards.  They’re great little critters…fixed, calm, loving.  I’d love to have someone take both but doubtful that will happen.  Ideally, it’d just be for a few months but if I thought I could find someone who’d love them and take good care of them…I’d let them go.  It’s going to be hard.  I guess right now I’ll enjoy them, fleas and all.

No one is really batting 1000 today.  Sending out a lot of virtual hugs to a lot of friends today.  People are stressed with work, spousal issues, sickness, illness, and family issues.  Mondays.


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