Damn You, Mother Nature

GAH!  I had half this post finished and Firefox ate it.  This is why I use Google Chrome at home.  Let’s try that again, shall we?

Yesterday, I got a “Shut your pie hole” from Cortejo yesterday for mentioning our impending (and now underway) snow storm.  I actually laughed so hard that Dan had to come in and find out what was so damn funny.  East Coast sayings just slay me.  She’s living on a tropical island called Denial and I took a visit yesterday (dreaming the snow would pass us by in some pre-Christmas miracle) but eventually had to come back to Reality and buy some winter boots.  They’re butch-lite this year instead of my butchy bitch boots from last winter.  They’re actually for guys but frankly ladies boots aren’t really practical (4 inch heel?!) and even if you get the more outdoorsy ones, they aren’t as insulated as well.

Sad to leave this little island of Denial but considering I practically lived there for 24 years it’s probably good to get away.  I left the key under the mat, help yourself.

I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to put up the Christmas Tree today with the rest of the decorations.  It’s a lot of work for one person, especially for a few weeks of twinkling lights and yelling at the cats to leave the decorations alone.  I must sound absolutely insane to my neighbors.  I will dig out the Christmas hat though.  Gotta love that hat.

Speaking of cats, this:  The Cat Carol.  You will undoubtedly cry, unless you are Dutchess.  Then you will look at me and say something like, “Are you crying?  Is your period soon?  Jesus!”

Yesterday, I was researching the undead for an SCA project and while poking around a Medieval Bestiary I found this gem:


That’s authentic illumination, too.  It’s a Bonnacon, some kind of bison type creature that supposedly poops while it runs away (up to 3 furlongs) and it burns like fire.

Not much going on today, as most of the office will be “working from home” which means watching Jerry Springer in their PJ’s and playing on Facebook.  I’m so jealous.


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