Winter Wonderland

At the risk of being pelted with snowballs or being pushed into a snowbank at a later date, I am kind of enjoying this first snowfall.  I was expecting much worse from Mother Nature and she didn’t really deliver.  I think it was this mass hysteria that sweeps over this province whenever a single snow flake flutters to the ground and doesn’t melt on impact.  I half expect people to start pushing buses over, tying lead lines to each other and shutting down all non-essential services.  You know, kind of like Nova Scotia does when it snows there.  They’re getting this storm today/tonight and there’s always loads of car accidents when one hits.  They’re expecting far less snow, but I will say the wind is going to be a bitch.  100km/hr in the Halifax area.  Yikes.

Seriously, let me just put this in perspective for you…

March 9th, 2008

See that snow?  Mind you that was after a bit of drifting, but that weekend we had 50 cm of snow.  When I got home from Brandy’s house (where I had to crash for the night because the snow was too bad to continue in) and the worst part was I couldn’t even clear it myself because I’d taken a rather painful fall down a long flight of stairs.  Ugh.  I’m about as graceful as a drunken 3 legged blind billy goat.

I do love the snow though, at least for a little bit.  I love being in the silence and stillness of it, in the dark and watching it fall.  Maybe it’s my imagination, but I think it’s more of a workout to walk to work in it as well.  Could just be me.  I will probably feel differently when I walk to work and my eyelashes freeze and I’m wearing 2 pairs of pants just to keep warm.

Today is going to be one long mother freakin’ day.  I’m here at the station until at least 10:30am.  Then we’re at Upper Canada Village for Alight @ Night for a live-on-location broadcast.  For some strange reason we promised to be there at 2:30 (the broadcast starts at 4) and we wrap at 7.  This wouldn’t be so bad except it takes almost 2 hours to get there and another 2 to get back.  So my day started at 4am and should end around 9:30 if I’m lucky.  This went from being $25/hr to less than $10/hour.  Boo.  Oh well, at least this is an entertaining event.  They boast a quarter of a million lights, wagon rides, sleigh rides for lovers, skating under the stars and music.

Gotta love The Boss…he put in for my two live on locations (today/Saturday) plus my board op day a few weekends ago…it should be a decent pay cheque before Christmas.  Phew.  I haven’t bought any Christmas gifts except for Ulrik’s (and he got it already).  I have gift ideas for Dutchess, Maverick, Bingo Bear and Ers.  Leh and I are going to go in on a gift for Office Mom.  No idea what to go get Leh for Christmas.  She’s so tricky to buy for…sometimes she’s right girly and other times she’s kinda butchy.

Yesterday, Cortejo and I spent a good bit discussing East Coast sayings, things you don’t normally hear in this part of the world (unless you’re talking to a Maritimer).  I had to watch this little clip this morning, reminds me of home. I actually met Sandy Gillis a few years ago, emceeing his comedy show.  Most people outside the Maritimes don’t find him funny…their loss.

I have the rough draft of my coat of arms for Adelhayt…it’s not perfect, but I’ll fix it later.

Adelhayt von Richter

Sable (Black)- Constancy
Argent (Silver) – Death
Gules (Red) – Warrior/Military Strength (first found in Brandenburg, Germany the family of Richter was prominent contributer of the region. Integral part of the region, esp. during feudal times)
Embattled Line- Means walls of a city but I was told it could also be used to signify “daughter of…” the original coat of arms bearer.
Eagle- One who is high-spirited, ingenious, quick-witted, and judicious; “True magnanimity and strength of mind” (Since her “father” was a judge, this fits)
Wings Displayed – Protection

Despite the battlements not being spaced properly, I think it’s kinda pretty.

Speaking of the SCA…teaching a class at practicum.  I’m freaking out.  Let the anxiety commence!


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