Mulholland Drive Me Crazy

I think WordPress is by far the best journal platform/software available online.  One of the features I like about it in comparison to say, LiveJournal (besides that it’s less emo), is the stats.  Not only can I see how many hits my blog is getting on a daily basis, but each day can be accessed to see where those hits are coming from.  I can see how people are searching for things and make their way to this blog if they type in say “SCA”.

So, why am I talking about this?  Someone has been searching for me.  Pretty specifically too.  Using not my moniker of “Gaynip” but my full SCA persona name.  It’s terribly interesting because most people can’t pronounce my SCA name and I’m constantly having to break it down, so for someone to spell it out is amazing.  “Adelhayt…Addle-Hide.  You know, like the hide of an animal.”  Dutchess said she cracked up at Hare numerous times as she could hear me trying wearily to explain it.  It’s weird to say and even stranger to spell (that’s old German for you).

<Waving> Hello, whoever you are, seeking me out via my persona name.  Willkommen.

Last night, I decided to watch one of the movies that Office Mom lent me.  Her sister works for Warner Canada, so she’s got stacks of DVDs (some aren’t even open!) for me to borrow.  As we were standing there picking them out “Mulholland Drive” jumped out at me.  I don’t even know where to start with this one.  Every few minutes heard me cry out, “What the <expletive> is going on?”.  It was all over the map, totally tough to follow and the acting was sub-par.  In retrospect, the acting of the blonde, “Betty” might have been bad on purpose given the outcome of the film and who “Betty” turns out to be.  Still, this movie is incredibly messed up and not even the girl-on-girl action (didn’t even know that was in this movie) could make up for it.  Speaking of that…this is how unaware I was caught.

Rita knocks on Betty’s door in the middle of the night swaddled in a towel.  Betty feels bad for making Rita sleep on the couch, and invites her to sleep in the big bed.

Gaynip’s inner monologue:  On the couch in a towel no less.  Sheesh.

Rita climbs in next to Betty and sheds the towel.  There is much upper-frontal-nudity.

G.i.M:  What the…nice!  Who sleeps nude with their friends like that?

Rita leans up, revealing more upper-frontal-nudity and kisses Betty on the forehead.

G.i.M:  Okay!  Seriously, it’s one thing to kiss your friend…another thing entirely to have your boobs in…

Rita and Betty start making out which lead to that whole “I’ve never done this before” sex that looks like both of them have done that before.

G.i.M:  This still doesn’t make the last 1 hour and 40 minutes worth it!

It was around that time that I checked the remaining time and was horrified to find I was just beyond halfway through the film.  I had sort of pieced it together but to satisfy my curiosity, I needed to Google it and have someone explain it to me.  I get it, I do.  That having been said, it was still a crappy use of 2.5 hours.  I know what you’re wondering, probably the same thing as Cortejo, “Why didn’t you just shut it off?” but I can’t do that!  I have to finish a movie, I have to know what happens.  The only time I’ve actually walked away from a movie was “Be Cool“.  I got up and cleaned my house, I was so bored.

Work this morning is fairly quiet.  We played some Boney M Christmas songs so I dedicated them to Dutchess and her Mom, Bingo Bear.

Gaynip:  Hey, does your Mom still have that Boney M Christmas tape?

D:  What?  Boney M Christmas tape?

Gaynip:  Yeah, when we were growing up your Mom used to crank up the Boney M.  Drove you nuts.

D:  …<Picks up the phone and leaves her Mom a voice message asking about the tape>

What’s really funny is that Bingo Bear called D back a few days later and said she had lost the tape and bought the CD.  Then asked D if she wanted a copy.  D asks me why I can remember these things…I think it’s because it just strikes me as funny.  It was Boney M and Hanson.  Terrible, terrible.


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  1. cortejo
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 15:45:05

    Your real SCA name could be searched for if someone on the long list of people the census is sent to wanted to know who you were. Although since your chain is Duchess and Hubby that might not be it.


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