Damn you, Trinity!

Ahhhh I finally got to watch the season finale of Dexter.  AHHH.  That can’t happen.  What is he going to do now?  I knew it.  I knew it.  I totally called that.  DAMMIT!  I’m going to miss that character.  BAH.   I hate the Trinity Killer.  Hate.  Him.  But love John Lithgow.

Side note:  I have a total crush on Deb this season.  Far less annoying and much stronger.  Plus, she’s still swears like a sailor in such creative ways…she’s so cute.

Debra Morgan

I got a rare treat of talking to Dutchess this morning before 7am!

I had her order my SCA favours for me from E-Bay.  I’m very excited to give my talk at Practicum.  Leh says her Dad has a projector I can use to teach my class with.  Excellent.  I know how at least one of those slides are going to go.  I am plotting and researching.  I was a bit worried about filling a whole hour with information but I think I will add a little entertainment value into the whole thing.

I’ve been giving some thought about my persona.  I need to work on a back story about why she’s a scholar in such matters.  Maybe I’ll have her fiance mauled by werewolves or bitten by a vampire.  I’ve already got his name all picked out (because that’s half the fun) “Wilhelm Faust”.  Oooh, since her father was the judge, maybe he was the executioner.  Yes, that will do nicely.  Once he was killed and “returned to life” she could have been sent south to Nürnberg.  Yes…I’ll have to work on that.

Totally off my game this morning.  I attribute this to being out all day yesterday with Leh (and Red for a bit) in the city, doing some shopping.  I’ve picked up Christmas gifts for Dutchess, Office Mom (and Random), Ers, Chantal, Bingo Bear, Bob…I need to get something for Maverick and Leh.  Leh wants German beer.  Done.  We’re laughing at the gift we got for Office Mom…long PJ shirt and the present for Random is that we didn’t get the pants!  Ha.  He’s always complaining about her flannels, so at least maybe he’ll find less to whine about.

The other reason I think I’m so tired is because I forgot my MP3 player in the truck last night, so I had to walk to work in abject silence.  15 minutes where the only sounds were the steady beat of my feet on the pavement, the swish of my jacket and my swearing.  -19 with the wind is easier to swallow with something to take your mind off of it.

Busy day ahead of me…

  • Christmas Pageant with Office Mom & Chantal.  (Their daughters go to the same school and both are excited to have me there.  I’m excited.)
  • Coffee or lunch with The Rachel.
  • Pick up Leh’s beer and a gift for Maverick.
  • Groceries.
  • Pickup gift bags.  I wrap a nice gift, but with cats in the house it makes it harder to do.
  • Nap.  (Wishful thinking)
  • House chores.

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