Buzzing with Excitement

My excitement for Practicum continues as I map out some plans for what the class will entail.  Dutchess is willing to help out with it, so I’m less nervous about the whole thing.  The big problem will be we tend to feed off each other and even if no one else finds what we do funny, we will.  I imagine there will be some snickering and giggling.

I remember when we were in high school, I was doing a presentation in Geography class on Austria.  We had to do a little piece, in our project, about a famous person from the country we chose.  I did Mozart.  He had something like 11 kids but only 4 of them (I’m guessing, I can’t remember exact numbers & I’m too lazy to Wiki it) survived.  So, D dared me to do that whole Simpson’s “Fluffy gave birth to 8 healthy bunnies…5 survived” where the first part is very upbeat and the “5 survived” is really deep and  depressing sounding.  The day of the presentation arrived, and naturally, I was very nervous but decided to read the line about Mozart’s kids as D dared me to.  I delivered it flawlessly, and D laughed so hard that we had to actually had to stop the presentation so she could laugh it out.  Mrs. Kernohan was a good sport.

My favours are being shipped so I’ll get them either by Christmas or shortly thereafter.  Not holding my breath before the holidays to be honest.  I’m going to give favours to people, I think, based on participation from the class.  Everyone is going to get something, but not everyone will get a period favour.  I’m also not charging any kind of a fee for this class.  I’m a newbie and I’m sure I’ll screw up something (documentation).  I am going to do the class in garb, as I have decided Adelhayt will be rather superstitious about these beings.  So the whole thing may be styled as Adelhayt’s Tips’n’Tricks to Identifying and Slaying Unholy Spawn.  That’s a working title, mind you.  It’s a bit long.

Have I mentioned I’m excited?  Very…very…excited.  Can you get a Laurel in monster or the undead?  I hope so!

Tonight is poker night.  I’m pleased at this.  A few people don’t know how to play, which is one of the reasons we’re not playing for money.  Not to mention it’s Christmas and we radio people are already pretty damn broke without having to blow our meager paycheques on gambling habits.  There will be munchies, drinks, laughs and merry making.  I wonder if we could turn this into a monthly thing.  That would be great.  We need something around here to lift the morale.

My list of things to do:

  • Clean the bathroom.  I noticed my new shampoo made my hair colour bleed out last night.  <Sigh>
  • Dig out stocking and Christmas hat.
  • Nap.
  • Have fun with friends! :)

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