Gaynip’s Nightmare Before Christmas

I baked something!  And I didn’t burn down the house!  It could have happened too, because the cookie pan I bought is too big for the oven.  I managed, but just barely to do what I needed to.

The recipe was for Breton Brittle…I altered it some, and instead of chopped nuts (maybe someone has allergies) I used candy cane bits.

Gaynip's Breton Brittle

The theme of the party is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” so I think this is pretty much the party for me, given all the NBC stuff I have.  The only party better suited to me would be “Lesbian Morning Show Hosts Who Know Way Too Much About Nothing Anyone Cares About”.  I can’t see that being a very well attended party…so this will have to do.

Nightmarish Baking

I put it in a Halloween bucket and couldn’t fit it all in there…so I’ll have some leftover.  Stuck a bow on it, and called it Macaroni.  …Wait…that’s not right.

I’m off.

I’m super nervous.


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