Just One More Sleep!

Gaynip '07

Today is Christmas Eve.  It’s also the birthday of my wee brother, Andreas.

I was 8 years old when he came into the world, decided that Christmas Eve around 4am is when he was going to time his entry.  I remember my Step Dad shaking me gently…

SD:  Psss…wake up!

Gaynip:  Mmmmrrrr.

SD:  Psss…wake up, Gaynip.

Gaynip:  <Sleepily rolls over and blinks a few times> Hmm?  What is it?

SD:  Your brother is coming.  It’s time to get up.

Gaynip:  <Squints in the dark> What…time is it?

SD:  4am.

Gaynip:  Mmmmmrrrr…put him back in.

He was born a few hours later, after hours and hours of waiting for him to arrive.  My Step Dad came home and I’m not sure if it was because he couldn’t cook, or if he was tired, or because he wanted to wait for Big Sue, but we had Eggo’s for supper.  He taped us unwrapping our gifts that year, and I still remember a lot of the stuff we got (like Beauty & The Beast wrist watches with Belle on them).  My Dad had sent my sister Elspeth a doll that wore a crown and lit up.  It played a song, and the crown cast pictures on the wall (in the dark) as you fell asleep.

SD:  What was the best present you got this year?

Elspeth:  THIS!  <Holds up the box with the doll>

Gaynip:  No, stupid.  The BABY!

Elspeth:  …Oh yeah.  The baby.  …And this doll.

I am very excited about Christmas plans with my friends this year.  I spent a lot of time at D’s house as a teenager.  Her parents were much cooler than mine.  Well, not so much cool as they didn’t really care what we were doing so long as it was all legal.  Her Dad was always playing hockey or golf, and her Mom was always out playing bingo.  This left a lot of time to watch movies my parents wouldn’t let us even THINK about renting.  Or eating junk.  Or staying up til 5am.  Or sleeping until 11.  Or watching Jerry Springer.  Good times.

Andreas’ Step Mom (who was friends with Big Sue/Step Dad…and married Step Dad years later) is insisting that I come visit for a bit.  I’m a little weary about this.  I haven’t set eyes on Step Dad or Andreas in almost 10 years.  Hell, maybe it’s been 10 years.  Entirely possible.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate.  Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Decemberween, Yuletide or (and this is a new one) Hogswatch.  Have a blast with your family, friends, fur-babies, The Captain, your “roommate” …just no drinking and driving, kapeesh?

…And for inquiring minds, there will be an Eye Candy Friday blog tomorrow morning if all goes according to plan.  Enjoy!


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