Christmas Recap

What a few days it has been since I last sat down to blog.  I tried to hammer something out on Saturday night while watching Disney’s “Robin Hood” with Dutchess but I couldn’t do it.  I planned to do this earlier today, but I ended up going out after being home only an hour or so.  I got home, made supper, did more push-ups and then decided to read in the tub.  Now I feel tired, and want to just curl up.

Christmas Eve I jumped in the car from work (after having sweet bread courtesy of Leh’s Mama) and drove down to D’s place to pick up her and Maverick.  From there I drove us to CFB-P, our old stomping grounds.  Everyone in the car had lived there at some point, and in my case (and possibly D’s) it was the longest/most frequent posting.  Dutchess really hates it, and tries to spend as little time there as possible.  Her parents were wonderful, and welcomed me in just as they had years ago, time and again when D and I would spend days together being silly.

I had a few moments that day…one of them was when D&M were talking to me about next of kin and wills.  Since my parents aren’t speaking to me, and I’m not close with any of my immediate family, who would I get the military to call if I got hurt or died.  Fun thoughts at Christmas.  Wee.  Then, as I lay on the couch in the twinkle of Christmas Tree lights I was struck with a bit of self pity.  It didn’t last long, but I was tempted to cry a little at how cold my family can be.  But…I reminded myself that I was surrounded by friends who loved me for me, and that was a true Christmas blessing.

We drank, played Wii, ate and watched a fairly good horror movie (what?).  Oh, and the push-ups.  Since I decided to join the military, D has also decided she’s going to sign up as well.  Maverick is making us (he can’t make us, but he can…) do push-ups.  They were hard at first, but I caught on quick and am amazed at how much upper body strength I have.

Christmas morning was fun, I got lots of (unexpected) loot.  I am absolutely in love with my Tripp pants (two pairs) and the mesh Tripp shirt that D gave me.  I am so spoiled.  Boxing Day I picked up a black tank for under the mesh shirt, and was really surprised to notice how much weight I’ve lost in the last little bit.  I look good!  It’ll only get better from here (what with all those push-ups, sit-ups and walking/jogging/running I’m going to be doing).


This picture sparked a whole conversation via Facebook/Twitter about my boobs.  The shirt does make me look rather bossomy.

One of the other presents I received from “Santa” was this:

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

There is a legend amongst the highland Indian villages of Guatemala that if you have a problem, share it with a Worry Doll.  Before going to bed, tell one of the dolls a worry and place it beneath your pillow.  The doll is supposed to take away your worries while you sleep.

A great gift since I lose a lot of restful sleep due to my sleep-talks when I’m stressed out.  Here’s hoping that they work!  Otherwise I might wake up one morning and find they’ve hanged themselves with dental floss.

I also decided, after putting on my paper crown from one of those Christmas Crackers that I was going to stick bows on myself.  Then everyone started to give me bows and ribbon.  This is the end result:

Merry HoHoH

Boxing Day the three of us hit up one of the malls in the city and I insisted on going into Chapters.  I wanted a book.  I knew there was a book I specifically wanted, but couldn’t remember which.  I knew I wanted a copy of “Tipping the Velvet” by Sarah Waters, but refused to spend $20 on a trade paperback version.  I’ll have to scope out the used bookstore here in town.  Anyway, I was snooping around and checking out the Medieval section before getting one of the guys to guide me to where I could find “educational vampire books”.  I was filled with despair when I finally found the perfect book…I didn’t even hesitate at the idea of paying $30 for a book.  Normally, I’d hum and haw, question whether or not I truly need a $30 book…can I read it online?  Can I find all this information myself?

Behold the Book!

It’s got more than just stuff about Vampires in it, loads of other cool undead facts.  Not all of it is period, but it’ll help me sort out what’s period and what isn’t.  Beside the book is the script for the skit D and I are doing for my class at Practicum.  Oh yes.  A skit.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  It’s a mix of educational information and entertainment.  We were killing ourselves writing it.  I so desperately want to read it to someone, but then that would spoil the surprise at class.  It’s eating me alive not to share.  I’m totally an adult.  <cough> Moving on…

The index cards are for a recipe.  A recipe for a charm against witches.  Ya ya cards aren’t period, but neither is the printout some of the classes give.  Don’t like it, don’t take one, go suck an egg.  (There I am, being a grownup again!)

What else?  Oh!  Part of my favours showed up in the mail before Christmas:

Bag of Holding

I think I might get some white felt and make a stencil of the eagle on Adelhayt’s coat of arms and stitch it into a few of the bags.  Not all, some.  There are 50.  I’ll put aside a few for a certain someone, too.  Cause I rock.  (I’m modest, too!)  Still waiting on the vials.  The Rachel is working on Holy Water.  The fount was empty, the replacement priest didn’t know why it was dry, and the regular priest is off on vacation.  I should have at least a spice jar full.  Maverick also gave me a blessed candle.  Yay for Holy symbols.  At least when they pertain to my persona.  Or D&D.

Today, I got home and wasn’t here two hours when The Rachel insisted I come over and see her and Monkey.  I didn’t even see Monkey, actually, because of the new Wii.  How could I say no to being fed and plied with alcohol.  She was in such a good mood today, saying things like, “What would you like Baby?” or “What can I get you to drink, Princess?”.  I am so so so spoiled.  Plus, it’s just nice to be sooked on for a bit.  I don’t get it very often…usually it’s my job to be the caretaker.  Damn gender roles.  Anyway, after being fed and plied, we chatted a bunch and then went on the town for a bit.  Was nice to get out and socialize with The Rachel and hear Shannon’s wild sexcapade stories.  Rug burn from sex on the pool table.  This opened up a whole discussion about how when someone loves you, they don’t want to have rough sex anymore.  I told The Rachel to bite her tongue.  She insisted on ending our fun with renting me a movie…so I picked up “The Hangover” to watch either tonight or tomorrow.


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