101 in 1001

I decided that my New Years resolution would be to complete the 101 in 1001.  If you’ve never heard of it, let me explain.

You make a list of 101 goals.  They have to be attainable.  “Move to Pluto and reclaim it’s status as a planet.” is not an attainable goal.  Yet.  It has to be measurable.  “I want to be like catnip to the ladies.”  It’s all well and good to say that, and I have to say that goal of mine is working but I can’t measure it.  How many women need to hit on me, sleep with me, etc for me to be considered catnip to the ladies?  Hard to say.  That wouldn’t work as a goal.  The reason this is so great is because you give yourself a deadline.  You have exactly 1001 days.  That’s 2.7 years.  That’s a lot of time to finish a lot of things.

The idea is to do it all.  If you don’t, the world will not end.  The Life Police will not show up at your door, clap you in shackles and put you to work washing Kirstie Alley’s folds.  Could you imagine?  What a motivator.  Anyway…the idea is to strive to get it all finished.

This is my list.  I didn’t reorder it into groups.  You can.  I just went 1-101.  I have colour coded it though, to indicate which I will find most challenging.  They’re not all hard goals, either.  Some of them are downright silly and childlike.  It doesn’t have to be all serious business.  Red ones are truly difficult tasks and the blue ones are still considered difficult but for different reasons.  Green is easiest of all.

My start date is today, January 1, 2010 and my end date is September 27, 2012.

Gaynip’s 101 in 1001

  1. Lose 30lbs and tone up.
  2. Take up a sport (boxing, baseball, curling, soccer, hockey, etc)
  3. Donate blood x3.
  4. Take a vacation somewhere new.
  5. Take a photo everyday for a month.
  6. Finish the scrapbook.
  7. Play paintball.
  8. Learn to dance.
  9. Give up caffeine (liquid form) for an entire month.
  10. Get record player and expand music collection.
  11. Read 50 new books.
  12. Review 5 books on my blog.
  13. Pass basic/Join military.
  14. Write an article.
  15. Work towards finishing novel.
  16. Become more organized.
  17. Get some bookshelves (and put them up in a timely fashion).
  18. Make a message in a bottle.
  19. Tell a lover/girlfriend “I love you” and mean it (and not freak out).
  20. Teach a class.
  21. Go a whole day without referencing anything (does not apply to situations required @ work).
  22. Explore Heron Island.
  23. Draw a complete picture.
  24. Write my persona history.
  25. Double the money currently being deposited into the RRSP.
  26. Make 3 new lasting friendships.
  27. Learn to meditate or do yoga (something to calm me down).
  28. Learn to cook 3 things from scratch (meals/desserts/etc).
  29. Send a postcard to Post Secret.
  30. Dye my hair a funky colour.
  31. Pierce something.
  32. Make 5 completely impulsive, unnecessary purchases.
  33. Go a whole day without being purposefully humorous.
  34. Get a tattoo (Cheshire Cat, Phoenix, “Lucky No. 21” Sherriff’s Badge, Cabbage Patch Doll guy’s signature on my tushy).
  35. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy.
  36. Learn to read my Tarot cards without referencing my notes.
  37. Play chess once a month for 6 months.
  38. Go a whole week without swearing.
  39. Get a passport.
  40. Get a professional massage.
  41. Have a ME day every 6 months.
  42. Watch 10 movies I normally wouldn’t.
  43. Try 5 new alcoholic drinks.
  44. Buy an antique.
  45. Surprise someone with a gift just because (no birthday/holiday/event required).
  46. Become an organ donor.
  47. Write a will.
  48. Learn to play the drums.
  49. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”.
  50. Try to make “German Pancakes” (which are actually crepes but we called them GP’s as kids).
  51. Go horseback riding.
  52. Go snowshoeing.
  53. Blow bubbles in public.
  54. Get a blank period book for SCA persona.
  55. Learn sign language.
  56. Make Christmas cards from scratch and MAIL them to friends/family.
  57. Buy lingerie (or equivalent) and wear it (and feel sexy, dammit!).
  58. Listen to 10 new albums/records all the way through.
  59. Learn 10 new dirty jokes.
  60. Kiss in the rain.
  61. Kiss in the snow.
  62. Play Vampire: The Masquerade.
  63. Do something that scares the hell out of me.  (I realize this is open ended, but lots of scares me.)
  64. Pick a motto/statement/creed.
  65. Bring someone home to meet my parents.
  66. Learn about a religion/spiritual view I am unfamiliar with.
  67. Learn to rollerblade.
  68. Donate $100 to charity.
  69. Tell everyone I love that I do love them, and why I love them.
  70. Offer to take Killian for a week.
  71. Start a snowball fight.
  72. Go to fighter practice (SCA).
  73. Write a poem.
  74. Join a gym and go at least 3x/week.
  75. Buy a colouring book and finish it.
  76. Send 10 postcards.
  77. Leave someone a rose, just because.
  78. Watch sunrise/sunset on the beach in the same day.
  79. Give up fast food for 1 month.
  80. Keep my desk clutter free for a week.
  81. Write a blog entry with my favourite lyrics.
  82. Write a blog entry with my favourite quotes.
  83. Get complete outfit for SCA persona.
  84. Pick up a hobby and stick with it (for once).
  85. Fly a kite.
  86. Do 5 video blogs.
  87. Create the lexicon of SJ & Melissa.
  88. Make garb for Pfeffernüsse. (2/1/2010)
  89. Buy a Christmas present for one of those angel tree children x3 (2010/2011)
  90. Go to a con.
  91. Try 10 different kinds of tea.
  92. Host a ______ night once every 6 months (at least) with friends.  Can be a different theme each time or can remain the same.  (IE poker night, board games, movies, gaming, etc)
  93. Have sex with a guy.
  94. Don’t get pregnant.
  95. Visit 5 museums/attractions/cultural events.
  96. Write a short story.
  97. Try tanning.
  98. Give up something difficult for Lent (even though I’m not Catholic).
  99. Spend an entire day having sex.
  100. Recommend one thing to someone they would actually like 25 times (doesn’t have to be 25 different people).
  101. Listen to 500 songs I’ve never heard before.

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