Fairwell Vacation. You Will Be Missed.

I had my first anxiety attack in two years. I don’t miss those at all. Now I have a tension headache. My eyes hurt, the muscles at the back of my neck are tense. A hot shower and a set of extra strength set of liqui-gels are in order.

Still, I had lots of fun today. I got to make cookies. Sugarless cookies. I had my doubts about how such a thing could be tasty as cookies are generally riddled with sugar. They were good. Today is full of surprises.

I didn’t manage to eat much at supper time but when I got home my tummy settled down and I was good to go. That was a major plus because my blood sugar was bottoming out. I’m still not there…I have no idea where my glucose tabs are. I haven’t needed them since I settled into this town (after the initial move/training/move, mind you). Maybe I’ll eat a chocolate. A plain one. Safe.

Shane is regaling me with stories of her lady friend’s roomie. Bitch needs to step the fuck off. “Wonder Twin powers activate, form of…RABID BEAR!” Haha I love having a Wonder Twin. Shane is a lot like me. It’s eerie but awesome.

I am not looking forward to cottage cheese and blackberries for breakfast. I know what you’re thinking, “Why do you eat it then?”. Simple. I lost 60-70lbs eating stuff like that. I am not looking forward to work. I am not looking forward to breaking my new sleep cycle. I am not looking forward to Smelly Man. I am looking forward to the walk to work. I am looking forward to seeing Office Mom, Chantal, Leh and Bob. I am also looking forward to the fact that SM has done a “terrible” job filling in for me, which makes me seem teh awesomer.

I have laundry to do tomorrow. I have to empty the bedroom closet as I have a very sneaking suspicion Miss Pickles did something unholy in there. I can’t find it. I can smell something but I can’t find it. This is not a good sign. Best case scenario, she wiped her dirty butt on something. Worst case, she pooped in there. That’ll learn me to leave the door open. Makes me wonder why she did it. I think she’s cross I haven’t been home much. I have changed my routine as well as theirs when I am home. Cats are a lot like children.

On the agenda as well…start in earnest my research for Practicum. My book has been much neglected. I need to start filling out the little recipe cards too. I wanted D to help me with that one night this week (Friday maybe) but realized that Mav’ will need the car for Saturday. Maybe I’ll get her to come up Thursday if she’s not busy with belly dancing.

I’m so tired. It’s not even 10. I slept til noon today, but only because I was up at 2ish in the morning til almost 4am. I was back up again around 8 or 9 but went back to bed after realizing I was much too tired. I can’t say why I woke up in the middle of the night. I had a bad feeling about something and couldn’t shake it.  So I picked up Tipping the Velvet and read about 40 pages before the book fell out of my hands.  I wasn’t tired enough to sleep so I watched some TV.  Hoping there’s no repeat of that tonight, since I’ll be needing to get up at 4 for work.


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