Eye Candy Friday: Funny Ladies

Looks aren’t everything.  That probably seems like an odd sentiment for a post about “Eye Candy”.  Fact is, you can have a rockin’ bod and a beautiful face but if there’s nothing beyond that you won’t hold my attention for long.  Today’s post pays tribute to a few ladies who tickle my funny bone…they might not be super models, but they’ll give your abs a good workout.

Ellen DeGeneres

“I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.”

Jane Lynch

“Me and the judge have a special relationship…I don’t wanna get to graphic but I once sucked his $%@ for *#$%!@%.”

Tina Fey

“The cover story of New York Magazine this week is “Baby Panic”. This goes perfectly with the other magazines on my coffee table – “Where Are The Babies?” (US), “Why Haven`t You Had A Baby?” (People) and “For God`s Sake Have A Baby” (Time). Thanks, Time magazine, this is just what I need – another article so depressing that I can actually hear my ovaries curling up.”

Jennifer Saunders

“Had two husbands, one was too short one was gay. Still sweetie if you want to know how to peck a dwarf on the cheek as he’s walking out of the house to the disco in your dress , then I’m your girl.”

Megan Mullally

“It’s the oldest story in the book. Boy meets girl. Boy wants girl to do dominatrix film. Girls says, ‘Naked?’ Boy says, ‘Yeah.’ Girl says, ‘No way.’ Boy says, ‘Okay how about you just wear this rubber dress and beat this old guy with a scrub brush?’ Girl says, ‘How hard?’ …”


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