Another Goal Down!

Another 101 in 1001 completed!  “#64:  Pick a motto/statement/creed.

It didn’t even dawn on me until this morning that I had one.  I said it a few times over the last week or two and it wasn’t until I said to a few people that I realized, “By jove, I’ve got it!” .   So, the motto I’ve decided on is this:

I do not want that which is not freely given.

Doesn’t matter what that something is.  Doesn’t matter how much I want it.  How much I need it.  If it can’t be given, I refuse to take it.

I had much fun this weekend.  On Friday, I managed to wiggle out of work at 10am to go have breakfast with Rachel and Monkey.  She was hung over and the kiddo was playing hooky because she was tired.  I picked up stuff for the potluck and some hair dye.  Drove to the city to hang out with Cortejo and make pie on a stick.  So yummy.  The cookies weren’t as good as the first time but not that bad.  I really like how they’re not sugary.  Lydia makes me laugh, a lot.  “You know that face doesn’t work on me.”  Too cute.

Saturday started out as a fail.  Everyone was having a rough morning.  I noticed that the truck had a flat.  Okay, no worries.  We’ll pump that sucker back up.  Fail.  The air machine is frozen solid.  Okay.  Let’s try another one.  Cortejo gets all manly and pushes me out of the way and tells me to get us some coffee.  I’m standing at the little island putting in the sugar and cream and this little guy walks in.  He looks really sad, so I smile at him.  He smiles back.  Standing next to me, we have this little exchange about how cold it is and how the air pump was frozen.  Cortejo comes in and exclaims the tire is now completely flat and I should call someone.  I’m pondering who to call.  I’ve got the credit card from work, so it can be done.  The guy (who’s name I guiltily forget now) says he’s got something in his truck to pump the tire and he’d be pleased to do that for us.  He stands there in the cold and pumps the tire up with his handy little rig (which I must purchase).  He was super nice, and I wish I’d had some swag in the truck to give him.  I offered to buy him another coffee and he wouldn’t hear it.

It’s rare to meet people from Ontario who are that nice.  East Coast nice.  I, apparently, have a horseshoe up my arse.  It pays to be kind.

By the time we got it all sorted out, got a giant flower sack sized bag of coffee beans it was time to head back.  We packed up for 12th Night and were on our way.  I had lots of fun and loved wearing my lovely new garb for the first time.  It was nice and warm, a plus, since the room was a bit cold.  The event was lots of fun.  Black Peter’s weapon of flagellation was the Bunny Flail.  I didn’t end up in the cup, but I have it on excellent authority that I’ll be in there next year.  I will never hear the end of what I have done, and will be publicly punished for it.  I deserve it.


I think I look more worried about getting my robe dirty than I do about having my head chopped off.

Sunday saw the packing up of the weight bench and moving it home.  Jesus that thing is heavy.  I got a trickle of a nose bleed carrying it in.  Now, I did get a nose bleed 12 hours earlier.  And I did have a massive headache.  And I was seeing spots.  I think it was just body fail.  I got it all in.  It’s mostly set up.  I need to tighten some bolts.  I don’t think I’ll put the leg things on.  I don’t have room for them.  The weights are in the living room.  I’m not moving them until I decide exactly where the bench is going to stay.  I think it’s a bad sign I already threw laundry on it.  I’m going to use it, I am.  I swear to Gay I am.  I just had to move a bunch of stuff around and…nevermind.

D was supposed to come down today but Mav’ needed the car since the truck was literally frozen to the ground.  By tomorrow night I shall have purple hair.  May also have hair loss, chemical burns and temporary loss of vision.  Bleach kit in the hands of amateurs.  Dangerous.

We had a very important talk this morning.  We’ve been having a lot of those, but this was the most important of them all.  I was worried but we are even keeled and she’s happy I’m happy.  That’s what real friendship is.  You may not agree with the choices your friends make, but you love them anyway.  That’s how it goes.  That’s real friendship.  <3


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  1. cortejo
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 10:02:12

    It is a bad sign that there is laundry on it all ready…but funny! Its duel use!


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