Space Toaster 3000

There’s a new second hand store here in town that Dutchess and I keep meaning to pop into.  They’ve got vintage arcade games and pinball machines.

We were poking around, seeing what else was in there (not too much, really) when I came across this gem:


Inside that futuristic toaster, my friends is toast.  That’s right.  Someone actually decided that they didn’t want a space toaster anymore.  Why would you?  Who wants toast in space?  Then, they drove it WITH the toast inside of it, to the secondhand store.  Neither proprietor nor owner of Space Toaster 3000 took the toast out.  I mean, lazy man’s way says dump it out.  The more “complicated” way would be to plug it in and have it pop out.  Nope.  Failing all this, it was put out on “display”.  Who would buy that?  I would rather make bread using an old coat hanger and the stove the way people in my old boarding house used to than to use the Space Toaster 3000.

Either everyone is incredibly lazy (I’m guessing tipping it upside down would remove the toast or you could plug it back in and pop it up) or blind.  Considering this town, my guess is lazy.  Absolutely lazy.

I finished watching Fanboys and it was amazing.  Very funny, very nerdy movie.  Everyone is in it.  Got to love being a nerd (and other nerds).  Plus, it has Kristen Bell in it.  In the Princes Leia bikini.  HOT.

Cortejo killed my brain tonight.  Then sent me this link:  The Commandments of Coyote.  My personal favourite is the Second Commandment.  That’s a deity I could get behind!

What else…what else?  Cleaned out the cellphone pictures.  Found some I forgot about.  Like how my 2% milk “tastes like homo” or the “Franken Spanker” toy (and no, it’s not a sex toy).  Or the video of me after I got hit on by a drunk, toothless Asian guy in the Market who thought I was a hooker.  “He had no teeth.  Well, one.  He probably uses it to open cans and bottles.”

Good times.


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