Rollicking Weekend

I love living in this province.  For all the things I miss about being back home (the water, the salty sea air, the people, the pacing of life) there are a multitude of other reasons to love being here, now.  One day, maybe I’ll move home and grow old.  Until then…

Sexapalooza was electrifying.  I felt like a kid in a very big (4000 square foot) naughty candy store.  A few times Red had to push my jaw closed.  Pole dancers.  Burlesque.  Girls in corsets.  Painted girls (topless painted girls!).  Plus, all the sex stuff.  There was a lot of it.  Everyone was really helpful and it wasn’t just about trying to get you to buy their stuff,  but to educate as well.  One guy sent me a bunch of information (after showing me) how to make your own flogger.  It’s actually pretty simple.  I would enjoy it because I just like having something to keep my hands busy.  I may have to try to make one and see for myself.  I gave some money to prevent violence against women and to planned parenthood.  Taught Leh what dental dam is for.  Took lots of pictures…here are a few:

Master Sarah Monies

We took one right before this where I was kind of blinky.  So we opted for a second shot.  I could feel her doing something but didn’t realize what.  I knew it was going to be good judging by the look on The Welshman’s face.  She was really hot.  I didn’t get a picture of her 3rd outfit (this being the 2nd) but yeowza!  Like a Burlesque Madame.

The Furry

I saw the furry walk in when we came back from the car and he was nice enough to do a photo with us (he didn’t even have his head on yet).  He said, “I wasn’t sure what the atmosphere would be so I didn’t bring the body.  I should have.”  I don’t get the whole sexual aspect of furries, but I will say he was fun.  He let us pet his head and he got on his hands and knees and nuzzled legs and made cooing/purring sounds.  Very nice guy.

Ran into the ex and I have to say, there’s nothing left on my end, feelings wise.  It’s been 5 months, I was confident that it wouldn’t be weird, but it was.  Not because of either of us, but because of her emotionally unavailable “girlfriend” who became very jealous at the mere sight of me.  Didn’t like that Erin hugged me.  Or commented on my top.  I guess the girl kept saying, throughout the day, “There’s your ex again.”  Damn lesbian drama.  I’m reminded why I don’t enjoy dating girls my own age.  Complicated drama that sucks energy.  I’m already sapped with the sleep disorder, I don’t need someone to suck up what little I have left.

After we had our fill of sex and debauchery, we dropped Vee off at Jann Arden (JEALOUS!) and hit up the malls.  We were on the lookout for Trivial Pursuit but no one had it.  No one!  So we ended up with 3 other games.  I forget what the game was called but it had cards that said “Things you shouldn’t say to grandma”.  Considering where we were all day you can guess the sorts of things we were coming up with.  Alcohol may have been a factor.

Oh!  Finally used my Arden’s gift card.  I bought new hand warmers.  Skulls and stars for the win.  Also got some leggings.  I don’t know what I would ever need hot pink fishnets for but…they were kinda hot.  What else did I get?  Stripey leggings.  Oh and knee high socks.  I got Red a pair of leg warmers in electric blue.

Yesterday, I forgot to buy birth control.  Ugh.  That stuff is making me crazy.  I should never have stopped taking it.  I keep thinking about babies.  It’s totally not helping that people keep saying things like “You’d be an awesome parent!”.  I’d be an uber geek parent.  Given my own upbringing I think I’d also be pretty open minded and non-judgmental.  Even so.  I’m 25 now.  Not committed to anyone.  It’s complicated what with being gay.  D might be right.  I may end up with a kid after all.  Scary freakin’ concept.  <Hyperventilates>  I feel light headed.  <Faint>

Cortejo starts the new gig today.  Boss is late and she has a moral obligation to sell.  Sheesh.  Job fail.  I can hear in the back of my mind one of those Flintstone’s dinosaurs forlornly saying “It’s a living.”


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