Muddling Through Mornings

25 views yesterday?  Shew.  I guess that’s what I get for talking about sex.   I wish I had something more to add on the subject.  Alas, I do not.

Baby want seems to be in full swing.  It’s terrible.  I don’t know how much longer I can keep blaming the hormones from the birth control.  Not much longer, I’m sure.

Office Mom:  I told you!  You’d be a fantastic mom!

Me:  Ugh.  It’s terrible.  I want a baby.  I’m going to go buy some birth control.

And I did.  Eventually.  Took my sweet time about it.  I ended up talking to Ginger about cats.  She wants to adopt 2 from the Humane Society and had loads of questions about the cost of them.  How much work they are.  Are they worth it.  90-95% of the time they are.  It’s the times when they break something special or when I’m going somewhere dressed up and I’m covered in a layer of fur that lament.  Or when I am stepping out of the shower and groping for the towel realize that the little monsters have pulled it down are sleeping on it.  This means a wet face covered in cat fuzz.  Great.

Sleep doctor today.  I am stressed to pieces about it.  I didn’t bother asking Dutchess about coming along this time.  The reasoning is two pronged.

  1. Her workout regime.
  2. The fear she might start shouting at the doctor who went to “Upstairs Medical College” because of his insistence I take pills to get better.

I didn’t take the pills.  I didn’t take the pills my GP tried to prescribe either.  I don’t need anti-psychotics to help me sleep.  I’ve seen what coming off those bad-boys does to a person.  Someone said that some of the pills can mellow a person out.  I don’t want to be mellow.  I love being a magpie.  I worry that being less bright would diminish my on-air work.  I read that certain meds do cause a side effect of lows.  Too low.  Blech. Can’t imagine me being emo.

We did a story this this morning about how a husband/wife had a fight about tacos.  She dumped pop on his tacos, ran upstairs and he cleaned up the mess.  She came downstairs and stabbed him in the heart.  I’ve always said that if I was going to stab someone, it would be over tacos.  It’s all about the soft shell.

This morning I got completely side-tracked from blogging by SCA stuff (finally e-mailed Helen last night).  I swear, why bother having a Baronial Scribe if no one is going to read the minutes?  Oh well.  I am also sidetracked by reading blogs over on LJ.  You learn so much about people.  I blog as if no one is reading (or almost no one) that way I can be fairly honest.  I wonder if that’s what other people do?  Hmm.

Off to the city.  Doctor.  Perhaps a change in afternoon plans.  Not that I mind in the slightest.  I get to hang out with a cool little kid.  Maybe I’ll bring a movie for us to watch.


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