Exhaustion is creeping up on me this morning.  I cannot even keep it at bay with an extra large triple/triple from Tim Horton’s.  I haven’t had coffee at work in ages.  But I drank my last Pepsi Max yesterday in the truck after I saw the specialist.  I didn’t realize it was the last one til I groped blindly into the box and felt nothing but cold cardboard.  I nearly wept at the idea of going without.  The coffee isn’t as good as a cold pop.  Terrible, I know.  The water/lemon thing was refreshing but seeing how it was un-caffeinated didn’t serve the purpose.

I’m dressed the part this morning.  I even dug out my beloved cadet cap.  Nothing says comfort like pulling on a ball cap (of sorts) and hiding under the brim.  At least it’s warm today.  I’ve been known to pull a toque over my hat too.  My old boss used to tell me I looked like a baby faced mugger.  Speaking of toques, I lost my favourite/best toque.  The one with the studs.  I need to find more of those!!  D never told me where she got them, and I was in the west/west end yesterday and everything.  Bah.  I’ll have to make a new toque…wasting precious studs.  <Sniffle>  You know you’re Canadian when you’re sad you lost your “good” toque.

Doctor wants me to get a light-box and take melatonin.  Costo sells a form of light therapy.  I wonder if it would work.  I may try.

While I was at the mall yesterday I bought myself a set of dog tags and had them engraved with my name and star sign.  I was flirting with the girl running the store.  I’m not sure what came over me.  I’m a shameless flirt, it’s true.  But she was really cute and friendly.  Went the extra mile as I was hemming and hawing over what to get on the second dog tag…whether to get Kanji symbol for love (What?  Love thyself!) or my star sign.  What I really wanted was a crescent moon and not my name but my old nickname, “Brightmoon” (awesome nick with reference to She-Ra for the win!).  They didn’t have a moon.  Bah.  They had the sun.  I don’t relate to the sun.  The other scorpion sucked.  Anyway…it was fun to flirt for sport.  I forgot how good I am at it.

Speaking of She-Ra, we watched “He-Man & She-Ra:  Secret of the Sword” with Lydia last night.  I think she liked it.  It’s kind of sad, looking back, how easily entertained I was by a show that didn’t have the best “acting” skills and character names.  The gay undertones (or overtones) are abound.  I find it funny that no one notices Prince Adam looks a lot like He-Man and he has suspiciously similar green tiger.  (Battlecat was the name of my mount in WoW).  When they remade the He-Man series (BLASPHEMY!), Prince Adam was a scrawny twig boy and when he held aloft his sword and shouted “By the power of Greyskull!” he became buff and burly.  Makes a bit more sense.  Oh well, it was the 80’s.  Will have to see about getting Miss Lydia hooked on other 80’s cartoons.  I HAD the Gummi Bears.  I have the Ducktales (90’s).  I’m going to see about The Smurfs.  I should have brought her the Carebears movie.  Ah classics.

My neck is killing me on the left side.  I slept funny Monday night and it still hasn’t worked itself out.  I fell asleep last night and forgot to rub some A535 into it.  I let Cortejo work her new booth babe skills on me yesterday.  It doesn’t look good for my poor little head.  She says it’s going to roll right off.  Her little meter also says I like girls.  That’s some machine.  I’m trying to bribe Rachel with free booze to come over tonight and bring her Tiger Balm.  I’m such a wuss.  [Update: Yay!  She’s coming over.  Haha she thinks I hurt myself having sex.  <3 ]

I am non-plussed that Cortejo asked me what I was researching yesterday.  I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that.  The thing I’m most interested in right now is tantra/meditation/chakra’s.  I think my favourite chakra’s are the manipura or “solar plexus chakra” (above the navel) and the svadhisthana or “sacral chakra” (behind and below the naval).  The manipura is supposed to give prana (vital life) to the rest of the body.  The svadhisthana focuses on procreation (not why I like it!), family and fantasy.  Or, could be that I’m a big kitty who loves a good tummy rub.  Haha.

I want to look into healing touch with the chakras.  I also want Leh to teach me a few massage tips, too.  Her ex is a massage therapist and taught her a few tips and tricks.

Talkin’ about adoption with D this morning.  Expensive.  Probably cheaper than artificial insemination.  I got a big, “I TOLD YOU!”.  Saw that coming.  I’ve got to stop putting stuff in my blog that earns me a big “I told you so!!


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