Gaming and other Miscellaneous Thoughts

Ah, the weekend is almost upon us.  I’ve missed the sweet embrace of sleep.  Except that’s not going to happen.  I’ve got to be up for 5am to be in the city for 8am.  Ugh.  5am Saturdays shouldn’t be allowed*.  I’ll probably game til 7ish and then call it a day.  It’s just shy of 2 hours from home.  Thank goodness the weather plans to cooperate for Saturday.  Sunday is calling for snow.  Good thing I love gaming so much!  I still need to pick up gamer food.  I think I’ll stop at the bakery.

Speaking of which, tonight I have to get around to typing up my character history for Ulrik.  I’ve been putting it off for a while now.  I found my character history buried in my e-mail (love Google for letting me do a search).  Now the question is whether to tell the story in first person, as a reflection, or to leave it as a story.  Alithana doesn’t strike me as a “Once upon a time…” character.  Then again, this could be because she’s  butchy barbarian who had her hair burned off and a big scar on her face.  Plus, those horns of power aren’t exactly dainty either.  At least I figured out they can disappear and reappear as needed.  I’m such a nerd.

I’ve been considering my writing the last few days.  About two years ago I started writing.  I cringe to use the term novel because everyone is writing a damn book.  But, there it is.  The problem as I see it is twofold:

  1. The story is based on female/male relationships.  At the time, I had something to base my knowledge on.  Presumably I was going to have sex with a guy at some point.  I haven’t had a straight date in a year now.  The outlook for girl/boy sex is far far far in the distance (if at all).
  2. Between having the sleep disorder and having stuff to do with actual people and having actual hobbies…

I could remedy the problem with the main realizing “Omigosh I’m gay!” but I’m not sure about that either.  I started another story about 3 years ago in a fantasy vein.  I should pick that up again.  I don’t have any of my notes anymore.  Probably in a box in my parents basement.

This morning I used the word “intrinsic”.  Saying that X was believed to be intrinsically good.  “You use too many big words!”.  <Head desk> You know, I can’t win.  I say something smart I get guff.  I say something in simplified terms and I get accused of dumbing things down.  I’d rather have a lobotomy than discuss water-cooler topics like Twilight and how sexy Robert Patterson is when he doesn’t brush his hair.  What’s wrong with people?

Pickles is still bald in that spot.  I knew it wouldn’t grow back overnight but I was hoping that I was overtired?  Hoping I saw something that wasn’t there?  People are so helpful too.  “That’s a terrible brand, your cat could die.”  Gee, thanks.  Ugh.  She seems no worse for the wear though.  Overly affectionate, lately.  That’s a bit off.  I think it’s because I’m not home as much as I used to be.  Whaddya know, the little monster misses me.  Meeko, is fine.  He got in trouble last night for beating up Pickles and tried to make up for it by laying beside me in bed and rubbing his head against mine, nosing his head under my hand for pets.  Purring loudly.  Pickles jumped him from behind later.  It made me laugh.  I’m a terrible mother.

Cortejo had a rotten day yesterday.  That’s putting it really mildly.  Here’s hoping the remainder of her time working for those asshats goes smoothly.  She slept like ass last night.  This kind of statement has to be quantified somehow.  Some people have nice asses.  Some don’t.  She slept like Smelly Man’s ass.  This is terrible.  Very bad.  Detrimental, really.  Just for clarification purposes, things that taste like ass don’t have to be quantified.  Asses don’t taste good.

I had D order me some studs yesterday from E-Bay.  This deal really benefits us both.  I get stuff I need/want and she gets stars for her account.  Ratings or some such.  All I know is that I’ll be able to make a new “good” toque (mine is still missing) and that more of my clothes will have studs.  I’m thinking my cadet hat for one.  I have two colours.  Gunmetal and silver.  Excited!

*Unless 5am Saturdays involve some kind of sexy time.

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