Eye Candy Friday: If They Were Real…

I’m going to open this post this morning by saying I’m not sexually attracted to cartoon characters.  I do however have the ability to say that if such-and-such a character were real, they’d be smokin’.  In some cases today, this has come to fruition and we’ve not been disappointed.

Aeon Flux


No, I’m not into furries.  But c’mon…she isn’t really all that cat like, is she?

Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

Cybersix (right)

She was a genetically created woman who fought the force of evil against von Richter.  By day she was a drag-king named “Adrian” who taught high school with Lucas (left).  He was in love with her true self, and she was just plain in love with him.  The animated series (based on a comic) was short lived.  I don’t think he ever found out who she really was, but like all stories came close a time or two.

Dr. Aki Ross

Final Fantasy fans will recognize Dr. Aki Ross from “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within“.  I remember seeing this movie about 10 years ago with D and her then boyfriend Andrew for his birthday.


Completely bad ass.  I’m not sure the outfit is really ideal for ninja crime fighting.  But I like looking at it.


Hot.  Must be the name.  Like a pre-requisite.

Jean Gray

Smart and sexy.  Plus she fights crime.  Win, win, win!

Jessica Rabbit

Okay, I don’t actually like Jessica Rabbit like most nerds do.  I know, I know.  But I admit if a fiery, busty redhead with a sultry voice hit on me…

Lara Croft

I may just like a gun wielding Angelina Jolie.  Weakness for toughies.


What’s amazing about this suit, is that Michelle Pfeiffer couldn’t hear a thing and still did marvelously in the role.  Imagine peeling her out of that pvc dream!


Hot southern accent.  The stripes in her hair.  The costume.  The angst.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

This is actually what got it all started this morning.  Behind Hordak is Shadow Weaver (red robes)…Lynch made a comment about her.  I forget what exactly he said.  But anyway, it raises the point that She-Ra and the female villains are rather comely lasses.  Even if one of them is literally a shadow and the other has claws and a scorpion tale.

Tune in next week for “Eye Candy Friday:  Star Trek Edition”.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Brian Jameson
    May 29, 2010 @ 00:06:46

    you forgot bloodrayne



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