100th Post!

Good for me.  I have a tendency to not stick with things and am easily distracted.  It’s true.  Some days I have the attention span of a peanut.

Okay, so pretty much everyone knows I love Google.  I have yet another reason why it’s so fantastic.  Bear with me and just go with it before you get back to doing what you need to do today (like seducing the mailman so he’ll stop leaving your mailbox open for the snow get into and now you’re not sure if that bill from Telus says $50 or $500).

I stopped using Firefox almost a year ago now, at least at home.  It did one of it’s updates and when it did so, the thing crashed (I wasn’t the only one affected) and it completely ate all my favourites.  I lost them all.  I had a back up but it wasn’t up to date.  Yeah, yeah…I know, back up your shit.  How many of you regularly back up your favourites?  That’s what I thought.  So, I switched to Google Chrome.  It’s got better and here’s why:

  • The quick launch bookmarks.  Almost none of them have text, just symbols.  You can also make it floating.
  • It’s not a system hog.
  • The tabs are movable (which they are now on FF but weren’t at the time).
  • It opens faster.
  • Pages load quickly.
  • The incognito window.  If you open this browser, you can browse certain sites without it showing up in your history.  Great for gift buying, online banking or…porn (for you perverts).
  • The new page.  If you don’t have it set to open to a specific webpage (like gooogle.ca) it will open to a default window where it shows the last 8 pages you viewed based on time spent there.  You can click the page to visit it.  You can rearrange them.  You can delete them if you were at a site you don’t want people to know you visit (and forgot to open it in Chrome).
  • At the bottom of this default page, if your browser crashed it will tell you what you were browsing last time in your tabs.
  • It used to keep track of what you bookmarked on the side of the default page (which I think you can get back if you want, but I didn’t care for that feature).
  • The G-Mail feature that not only tells me I have mail but if I click the icon, it will tell me who sent it, the subject, and will let me mark as read or delete it if I don’t want to.  It will also let me open the e-mail in a new tab.
  • My favourite one that was new as of yesterday:  It backed up my favourites to a Google Document which I can access at any given time from my G-Mail account on any computer.  So, say I need to check my work e-mail while I’m at an internet cafe in Guam, I can.  (Why I would need to check my e-mail from work at an internet cafe in Guam is beyond me, but stranger things have happened.)
  • It’s Google.

My original plan was to take the old computer and put the Google Chrome operating system on it.  I’d really like to see how they do an OS. But let’s face it, I don’t need TWO computers.  I had to fight the urge to not get the special deal on my cellphone for unlimited texting and internet access on my SmartPhone.

I think I have a technology crush on Google.

Download Chrome today!

Do it!  Then tell me so I can add it to my tally for my 101 in 1001.

Speaking of computers today I need to dig out my old tower and open it up.  I think it needs a new fan on the side of the case.  It also needs to have the video card yanked out.  I won’t do that because hardware stuff is beyond me.  I should pick up a can of compressed air today and clean up the CPU.  Tomorrow, I’ll have to backup whatever I left on the secondary hard drive, dump out my favourites and passwords.  Make it shiny and new.  If I was really ambitious, I’d reformat it.  But I’m lazy and I’ve never actually done that.  I should also update the virus scanner.  Oh, dig out the cords too.  It’ll be good to get that tower of my closet.

Goodness, my whole blog is about technology this morning.  Someone may think I’m some kind of nerd.  I know…a wee story.  Gather ’round children, Auntie Gaynip will tell you a story.

G: [Digging through laundry basket] I washed your shirt that you left here last week when we dyed my hair.

D:  You washed it?  Great!  Thanks!

G:  Um, it kinda shrank though.  A bit.  [Pulls it out and hands it to D]

D:  Oh, that’s okay actually.  It won’t be so baggy on me.  [Unfolding it]

G:  [Busying self putting stuff back in the basket]

D:  [Makes noise of surprise]  What the…??  It didn’t shrink a little!  It shrank a lot!  Look at this!  Gaynip!

G:  Er, yeah.  I know.  I didn’t even have the dryer set to high.  It was set to medium.

D:  Damn cheap shirts.  Gah.

G:  [Snickering]

That’s usually why I don’t like washing stuff for people.  Granted, this is the first time I’ve ever shrunk anything.  Ever.  It was with all my pre-shrunk blues t-shirts and I didn’t notice it.  At least she wasn’t upset about it.


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