Please Let Me Sleep in Late

It’s not going to happen, but a girl can dream, can’t she?  I went to bed fairly early yesterday but I’m still feeling drained this morning.

One of those weather prognosticating rats saw his shadow this morning.  Damn you, Shubanacadie Sam.  Damn you.  Willie better come through.

I cooked something last night!  Pork tenderloin was on sale.  2 in a pack for $3.  So I bought 2 packs.  I actually didn’t think there were 2 in each one.  It was a good deal either way.  I covered it in “spices” and lime juice.  It turned out really juicy.  I put it in a pita with tzatziki and had some Brussel sprouts.  Nom.  Hey, did you know there’s an Indian version of tzatziki?  It’s made essentially the same way except instead of garlic they use mint.  It’s supposed to go with spicy food.  I might have to try some next time.

For a snack I had yogurt and granola from the box.  I have been ruined!  Ruined!  I used to love the stuff in the box.  Now it tastes like crap to me.  I will have to ask Cortejo how she makes the stuff she gave me for Christmas.  I am feeling adventurous in the kitchen.  Probably because I don’t have food poisoning from last night’s supper.  Yet.  <Knocking on wood>

Taking a look at the skit for Praticum, I still laugh and find it funny.  I’m not sure how to improve on the humour.  D is suggesting maybe we drop the skit altogether.  This makes me sad.  Very, very sad.  Leh actually had a good idea about switching the apple to a pie.  It would be a waste of a perfectly good pie, but if it was in the name of humour…<Sniffle>

Last night I decided to meditate before bed, without much success.  My brain would not cooperate.  It either wanted to go to sleep or it wanted to think.  It did not want to be cleared of all chatter.

Responsible Inner Voice:  Shhh we’re meditating.

Irresponsible Inner Voice:  Okay.


I.I.V:  Are we done yet?

R.I.V:  No.


I.I.V:  How ’bout now?

R.I.V:  No!


I.I.V:  I’m bored.

R.I.V:  Shut up, shut up, shut up!

I.I.V:  Fine.  I’ll just go over here and entertain myself.

R.I.V:  Good!


I.I.V:  I wonder where all those bruises came from.

[Tense silence]

I.I.V:  Wouldn’t it be funny if they did come from a cotton ball?

R.I.V:  That would be pretty funny, actually.  [Laughing]

I.I.V:  Seriously, though, I wonder what happened?

R.I.V:  My guess is lugging the computer tower around.  That thing is heavy and awkward.

I.I.V:  This is true.  And it’s pointy.  Hey, aren’t you supposed to be…


R.I.V:  DAMMIT!  That’s it, I’m out of here.

[Sound of footsteps.  Door opening.  Door slamming.  Engine starting.  Squeal of tires.]

I.I.V:  Sheesh.  She should meditate or something.

That’s how my brain works.  It likes to think it’s funny.  So funny that one day they’re going to give me a special jacket so I can hug myself.

I’m in another food mood as of late.  Yesterday, I did groceries and was absolutely craving fruit.  I ended up with a few different kinds and then for work picked up Fruit to Go and blueberry apple sauce.  Okay, so I’m reading the ingredients in the blueberry/apple sauce and before the blueberries was vegetable juice (carrot) for colour.  The colour of the sauce is purple.  I know you can get purple carrots, I guess that’s what they could have used.

D is on a mission for me today and I hope she has success.  She’s coming up tomorrow.  We have this odd arrangement where if she picks up something for me ($10 or less) that I can either pay her or I can just buy her a BK burger.  So, tomorrow we are swapping goods for beef.  I’m hoping that my studs will also be in.  I’ve already paid for those with a Bourbon Burger and Onion Rings.

My other toque is being held hostage (along with my pillow) so yesterday I dug out the needle and thread and fixed the other one.  I didn’t do too bad of a job either.  Today is Toque Tuesday.  It’s actually for Raising the Roof, the housing program.

Happy Groundhog Day, people.


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  1. cortejo
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 09:19:45


  2. cortejo
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 09:21:16

    ps I use a full cup of maple syrup and no sugar.


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