Weekend is On the Horizon

Ugh, yesterday morning wasn’t a good one for me.  I had a weepy sentimental moment where I missed my narrow-minded asshole of a Dad.  I thought I would shed a few tears over it but as soon as D showed my spongy soul soaked them up.  I’ve got an appointment with my GP today about a referral to talk to someone.  I hate my GP and I know I’m going to be there all damn afternoon waiting for him to see me for 5 minutes before he pats me on the head and sends me on my way.  I’ll have to bring something to work on while I’m waiting.

D came down for a visit and we watched “Ren & Stimpy” (hello, discovered where my hair phobia came from) and worked on some stuff for Practicum.  We managed to practice the skit once though, and decided to change the apple to a pie.  I’m going to have to bounce it off a few people to make sure it’s not just funny to us.  If it is we’ll have to dump it and I’ll figure out something else.  Maybe a little game at the end of class.  If I get my holy water.  I should bug Rachel again to get me some.  Her priest is back from his vacation.

I shoudn’t have watched “Gia” last night.  Bad idea.  It made me really sad in a different way.  I normally don’t feel sorry for people who destroy their life with drugs but in her situation, being just a kid (17) that it would be really easy to get sucked into that scene.  Hell, her agent gave her drugs.  Her mom would say things like, “You have to watch your figure” and when she tried to clean up “I don’t like what the methadone is doing to your shoulders.”  Bah.  I didn’t realize she died of AIDS either.  I thought she died of an OD because that was the way the film was really going.  The line that made me cry was at the end, when her mother says, “She died at 10am.  They…they tried to…to lift her off the bed.  Her flesh just came away from her back.  …Just came away.  But you don’t want to hear about that.”  26 years old and dead.  I think the most meaningful part of the film is when she’s in rehab and and this woman is screaming at her for being a lie.  That she’s some girl in Ohio reading Vogue and thinking that’s what she’s supposed to look like, beating herself up that she doesn’t.  It’s true.  I hate those magazines.

Oh!  I totally have a crush on Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Gia’s girlfriend/lover, Linda.

Elizabeth Mitchell

The co-host is staring at my chest this morning.  I’m not even wearing anything revealing.  I don’t know, maybe hounds-tooth makes my ample bossoms look…ampler?  I don’t think they need any help, really they don’t.  If they could get a smaller that would be fantastic.  As long as I’m wishing, perkier would also be appreciated.

This morning I changed my relationship status on Facebook and 6 friends like this.  I thought that was kind of odd until I realized that it’s been 6 months since I broke up with Erin.  It was probably a collective sigh of relief.

Oh man, last night, well this morning…I had this terrible nightmare someone broke into my apartment.  It’s Meeko’s fault…he was playing against the backdoor and I have this paranoia about it.  I could kick that door in, and I’m a weakling.  The two doors beyond that one…don’t even get me started.  Ugh.  It doesn’t help that I’ve had 2 break-ins back home and you just never really feel the same after that happens.  Add to that how heavy a sleeper I am…I don’t even like to think on it.

After my appointment, I think I’m going to take a trip to the store and pick up stuff to make granola.  I’m trying to decide what kind of dried fruit I want to put in it.  I wonder if you could put dates?  Problem is they’re kind of big.  But they taste so good.  I’ll probably go with blueberries or something.

I’m so glad the weekend is almost here.


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  1. L Olsson
    Feb 19, 2010 @ 04:02:41

    By far the best post I’ve read today. Great job. Hope to read more of the good stuff from your site.


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