I’m Dreaming of a Comatose Like Sleep


I am so tired this morning.  I know, I know “Gaynip, you have a sleep disorder.  You’re always tired” but this is different.  I’m exhausted right to my core.  I’m off my game at work this morning.  I considered calling in sick but I didn’t want to wake The Boss up at o’dark stupid to to feign illness.  Especially, since it was self-induced.  I guess I can console myself with the fact that while the show is suffering (it’s all minor, really) my voice has a depth and huskiness to it that only comes with being tired.

The silver lining is that it is well worth it and I would gladly exhaust myself again for such a fantastic time with such wonderful people.  I daresay that the wedding was coolest one I have ever been to.  Lots of different styles of dress (kilts, dresses, punk wear, top hats, gowns, jeans, etc).  I think the best part was that the friends were invited to stand up and share advice, read poems, sing, tell stories, and most importantly the humour.  Sarcastic little comments, but not in a barb-ish kind of way but gentle and all in good fun.I got to dance with two lovely ladies.  I confess, I’ve never slow danced with a girl before last night.  It was a pleasant experience.

I enjoyed the little game Cortejo and I played involving lying.  I think I had the most creative lies but she definitely won by sheer volume.  To be fair, though, I think I actually won.  Hehehe.

Saturday I got to see a Brazilian Jujitsu in house tournament!  It was really cool.  There’s not really any kicking and punching like you sort of come to expect from martial arts.  Instead it’s a lot of grappling, rolling, choking, hugging and belly nuzzling.  Okay maybe not belly nuzzling, exactly.  But it was awesome.   One wee little guy could climb his opponent like a tree and muckle around their head kind of like Apu does to Aladdin in The Cave of Wonders.  I wasn’t bored til the end, but that’s because the guys were really tired and it was a lot of hugging and less intense.  There was one girls fight, which was fun to watch (no, not for that reason!), it’s almost like they had something to prove.  One of the girls got a nice bruise under her eye.  Pretty cool.

Finally got to watch “Whip It” with Ellen Page.  Comical!  I think my favourite scene is when Maggie is giving Bliss advice about getting angry and tapping into that.  “Let me tell you, that special shampoo didn’t make me feel so special.”  Bwahahaha.  “Do you have crabs?” “No” “Oh, because my doctor…said it was really common…”

I got something else down on my list for recommending things people will like…I got Cortejo to watch Ellen’s “Then and Now” stand-up.  I love that DVD.  It’s one of the best things anyone has ever given me.  I have a really sad day, I’ll pop that bad boy in and laugh myself happy.  You’d think that wouldn’t work because I’ve seen it so many times, but it does!

Short blog today.  It’s taken me 2 hours to get this far.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cortejo
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 10:07:58

    I have a tattoo of a unicorn on the bottom of my left foot

    *Smooch* *smooch* *smooch*


  2. vongaynip
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 10:37:05

    I’m the CEO of Fantasyland.

    …Oh…wait…that’s true.


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