Unfunny Comedian

Oh my God I’m such a tool sometimes.  Yesterday, I interviewed Brent Butt.  The total interview was 8:20 and it needed some serious editing, for several reasons:

  1. 8:20 is too long.  Ideally, it should be 2-3 minutes otherwise you get tune out.
  2. He’s not that funny.
  3. His cellphone went off and he couldn’t figure out how to shut it off.
  4. He pauses a lot.  Not those kind of “pause for effect” ones either, but like I asked him what the square root of a rainbow is.
  5. Did I mention he’s not that funny?  He’s not.  I’m funnier.  And I’m not that funny.

I e-mailed the file to myself so I could edit it from home and give The Sizzle back the studio (even if he does pre-record his entire show…FAIL).  It’s also faster because my desktop is faster and doing stuff like normalizing the audio and compressing it takes mere seconds instead of minutes (not to mention I can do 10 things at once while “waiting”).  It took me about 10 minutes to give it a listen, cut out the fat and fix up the sound quality.  I attached* it to an e-mail.  CCed myself (home account) and Cortejo who said she wanted to hear the interview.

*I didn’t attach it.

I didn’t notice I hadn’t attached the damn thing until…yes, you guessed it, this morning.  At work.  Thankfully, I’m a pro and I got the whole thing edited down (having done it the day before makes it easier) took 10 minutes (not including the time it took this sluggish machine to process the changes I made).

What’s really sad about this is that he’s not that funny.  I’ve done interviews with regular people who were much funnier.  Like Brenda from the SPCA back home, who would always try to sneak the word “testicles” on-air.  Definitely not the highlight or feather in my cap I thought it would be.  I guess he’s just not off the cuff funny and has to really write some material.  It’s disappointing news for some of his fans in my circle of friends.

After I wrapped the interview, I sat down with Leh and booked ourselves for some Practicum classes.  I’m wondering how many people are taking my class.  I know of 3?  Part of me hopes there are more than that…part of me hopes there aren’t.  I wouldn’t have any stage fright talking to 3 people, especially considering I know all 3 of them.  Anyway, we picked out Leh’s SCA name… “Alizan Fitzalan” which is of French origins.  Doesn’t sound French to me, sounds more…Middle Eastern?  But we got the lists from the SCA websites.

What else?  Oh!  I made granola.  I put a small batch in the oven first, and it burned.  I followed the directions, I did!  I turned the heat down to 300 instead of 325, moved the rack up one and gave it about 6 minutes each side.  Nom nom nom.  Reyl says now I’m officially a hippy for having made granola.  Free love.  Homemade cereal.  I draw the line at not washing my hair.

Good Batch/Burnt Batch

You can see that the one on the right is a bit…darker.  I shouldn’t say burnt.  It’s crisped.  I like how it brings out the taste of the sesame but I don’t like that it’s…crispy.

The Good Stuff

Nom nom nom.  It’s got oats (duh), vanilla extract, walnut pieces, sesame seeds and honey dates.  I think it needs more dates.  It’s not as crunchy as the stuff that Cortejo makes but it’s pretty darn good for a first try.  Maybe next time I will try making it with maple syrup.  Maybe a different kind of extract too.  Did you know you can get rum extract?  I’m not sure that’s the right taste for granola…but I just think that’s neat.  I don’t hang out in the baking isle too often.  Imagine how fat I’d be if I did!

I was feeling pretty productive yesterday…could have been the Monster Energy drink I got at work.  The Monster team was in town giving away the drinks to hard working people.  Lori gave me hers because she thinks they’re gross.  The green ones kinda are, but I wanted to wake up.

I started making notes on my class for Practicum and covered Zombies (short section) and have asked Red to get an actual account of Revenants voiced by someone in the city (probably The Boss) to give it a little extra flavour.  I’ve also got the section done on witches…I’m hoping there aren’t any really young people in the class.  I’ve got some “punishments” listed for witches and one of them is truly awesome in a very graphic and horrific way. I’ve got werewolves and vampires left.  I may also do a little bit on appeasing ghosts and where trick’r’treating comes from to sort of tie it all in.

Reyl has offered to do D’s part in my little skit if I would like.  I’ve got him and Cortejo reading it to make sure it’s as funny as I think.  If not, I may make up a game and give out little prizes.  Speaking of which, Rachel needs to get me some freakin’ holy water!

Next year, I totally want to teach a class on Medieval torture!  It would fit with my persona too.  I’m minimally spazzing out about giving the lecture.  I hate speaking in front of people, even when it’s a topic I know about or am passionate about.  I am really excited about my topic, and I love researching stuff and teaching people the things I learn.  It’s a captive audience that wants to listen to me wax poetic about the undead and monsters and ghouls and such.  But…but…I’m nervous.  I was putting off and sort of telling myself that if I didn’t sit down and start working on it, it wouldn’t happen.  Like an asteroid would hit my front yard and bury my car under a huge pile of snow (that miraculously didn’t melt or damage my car…just bury it).  But there’s not enough snow for that.


I am completely in love with a new band called The Script, specifically their song called “Break Even”.  I was listening to the radio (not our station) and heard a few songs but the jock didn’t do a back sell (“That was…”) or a front sell (“Coming up…”) but they have an online playlist.  I didn’t even hear this song, I was just guessing at what the song I heard might have been (I was way off).  All in all a happy accident.  You can listen to the song HERE.  It’s not the official video, but whatever…


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