Blue Eyes for the Win!

I’m falling asleep at the console this morning.  Even the Pepsi Max isn’t keeping me awake.  I priced out the light machine at Costco, but they didn’t have the cheaper model.  They had the expensive one for $150.  I’m just not willing to pay that much for something that may not work.  I should probably get the melatonin ‘script filled and see if that helps.

The weekend was a pretty good one, all in all.  Friday night, Leh and I picked up The Sizzle from work and drove an hour for dinner theatre.  The show was surprisingly good.  Second act was much funnier.  I want to be a drunken gypsy princess with a bar in my purse!  Leh’s parents were also there and they are a riot.  I really like them, totally not parent-ish at all.  But then, they’re not my parents, and that often makes a difference.  I couldn’t fall asleep at all on Friday night…I think it was close to 4am on Saturday morning before I nodded off…only to get up around 8 or 9am.

Saturday, I backed up a bunch of video files on the computer to DVD and to my external drive.  Then it was off to Costco with Office Mom, Handsome Rob, Ers and Leh.  I am pricing out a better external drive.  I am giving serious thought to a 2 TB drive.  Handsome bought us lunch…the Costco hotdog was good but didn’t agree with me.  I picked up extra-extra virgin olive oil that’s unfiltered.  Supposed to be better for you?  What else…oh, like a lifetime supply of Q-Tips.  1400 of them.  I have this thing about my ears…DJ’s are susceptible to infections (and deafness) because we’re always wearing headphones.  Add to that I’ve almost always got my MP3 player on.

Office Mom called to check on me that night, as I’d gotten pretty quiet in the car and didn’t stand out in the cold to hug and talk more.  We chit-chatted for a half hour, laughing about The Sizzle and how I had the audacity to make him walk to the door of the bank instead of dropping his royal highness off in front.

Sunday, Leh bailed on me.  I had brunch with Rachel & Monkey.  Got to hear about how disappointing Steve is as a boyfriend.  Got drunk, had a hangover, didn’t take them for a “nice” brunch like he was supposed to.  I did some errands, had a snooze, and did 80% of my Practicum Power Point.  Ilanikhan invited me to a canton meeting but I was having a sad so I didn’t go out.

Yesterday morning I had up to 22 slides finished…almost complete.  I’m going to do that tonight.  Get it all wrapped up.  Pam suggested that I have it done by tomorrow and do a run through with someone.  Ivy says to go slow.  I speak quickly anyway, especially when I’m nervous.  I’ve managed to slow down considerably for my career but I’m just a faster talker than most.  I’ve got to print out my slides so I have a reference.  Make sure that Leh is coming on Saturday or if she’s not, how to hook a laptop up to the projector.

I drove into the city to hang out with Cortejo who was home early due to an unfortunate accident involving Jay and Ivy.  Glad everyone was okay.  We watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics together (and sometimes with Reyl).  The song with Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams was really good.  Sarah McLachlan was absolutely stunning as she played “Ordinary Miracle” on a white piano.  The fiddlers/tap dancers were punkishly awesome.  I can’t get the image of Lydia as a tap dancing ninja out of my head.  “You’ll hear her coming but you won’t know what hit you!”  That needs to be one of those motivational posters…Ninja Tap-Dancer of DOOM!

I had to use my blue eyes to get myself out of a jam…Cortejo and I dropped off the rental car at the airport where I used my blue eyes to get me out of a parking ticket.  I was waiting in a drop off zone outside the parking structure when this cute young guy comes swaggering up with the little metal clipboard box.  I rolled down the window and he asked me what I was doing and if I was a contractor doing a drop off.  I admitted I wasn’t but that I was just waiting for a friend to drop off a car and didn’t know where to go.  He said I could ignore the no-entry sign, go into the garage and wait for her, but I hadn’t seen her go in yet.  “I’m sorry, I’m not from here.  I didn’t know where to park…”  He scratched his head and nodded, “Okay.  You can wait here then.”  I hesitated a bit, worked the eyes, “You mean, you’re not giving me a ticket?”  “No.  Not yet anyway.”  I am telling you the power of these blue eyes…which is  handy because I didn’t have the energy to sleep with him to get out of the ticket.

Scattered over the weekend I watched Seasons 1 & 2 of “Big Love” with season 3 all set for today.  If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about a polygamous Mormon and his 3 wives and multitude of children.  What a complicated life that must be.  Being closeted because it’s illegal.  Not knowing who you can trust as a friend.  Fighting against compounds where they still marry children and swindle welfare.  The second wife is a control freak.  The third wife is a lot of fun and didn’t grow up Mormon at all, and so her beliefs and values aren’t as strict.  She has a hard time being left out all the time.  It’s a really good show.

I am so sore this morning.  Like someone worked me over with a lead pipe.


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