Just Another Thursday

Rachel brought me a spice jar of Holy Water yesterday.  It was really tricky trying to figure out how to get the vials full without making a huge mess.  My desk has now been blessed by the Catholic Church.  So was Meeko.  He was being annoying so I flicked him with my wet fingers.  He didn’t like that.

I’ve got 10 vials of Holy Water, 10 vials of salt and 10 vials of mustard seeds.  So anyone who has an objection to Holy Water can take something else.

Today I’m going to practice my class for Leh and Office Mom.

I bought some stuff yesterday for the litter box that claims to neutralize the litter smell.  I seems to be working.  Hurray!  Next place I live the litter box will be out of sight out of mind.

Speaking of places to live, I talked to Red & The Welshman yesterday.  They’re staying put in their place for the next year and tell me I have a room ready when I want to move in.  Must.  Move.  To.  The.  City.



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